Baby Shower For Daughter Who Lives Out Of State

My daughter is expecting her first child in April and is stationed on a military base out of state with her husband who is in the military. They need so much for the baby. Is it proper to write a letter explaining her situation and inform them of her registry?

I know a lot of family and friends would attend a shower if they were local. How can I plan this without coming off greedy? My daughter is a bit down that she is missing out on a traditional baby shower. Any suggestions?

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Thank you for your question. It is hard for a mom to live far away from family and friends as she gets ready for a new baby. She needs a support network now more than ever before. There is a baby shower that you can throw for her even though she lives far away. It is called a long distance baby shower.

Rather than writing to let the friends and family know of her situation, a call might be better. Let them know she is due to have her first baby and everyone is getting together to throw her a long distance baby shower. You will still send invitations out for the shower. The call is just so everyone knows her situation first. The page above will explain in more detail the different ways you can host this baby shower.

NOTE: This baby shower is better for very close friends and family. People that are casual friends might not want to participate at a baby shower in which she is not present.

If there is friends and family located in different states, an online baby shower might be something you want to look at. It is also explained on the long distance page.

We also have some reader submitted wording questions for a baby shower in a box and our reader Patricia shared how she hosted a baby shower by mail. Hopefully they help you with ideas to know which way to go for your baby shower.

Best of luck!!!

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Baby Shower By Mail
by: Margaret

When my best friend was pregnant, I got together with a couple friends and did a baby shower by mail for her. Since we all lived across the United States, we decided we would mail our gifts on the same day to go to her. We knew that the packages could arrive on different days. So we numbered the packages. Then, we sent a card to let her know she was receiving a baby shower by mail and to wait until all packages were received before opening any. We sent the packages out the day after the card went out. We made sure the gift wrap everything inside the packages, to make it fun for her. She loved it!

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