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To the common partygoer, the baby shower games may seem like nothing more than games, but to a savvy hostess, they mean much more.

The correct usage of games can actually empower you to control the way the party flows.

Picking the right games for your party can be a little tricky as a hostess.

I'm sure you have gone to a boring and stagnant shower in the past and don't want to make the same mistakes as a hostess. You might have wished there was a secret formula that you use or click a button to get a perfect baby shower.

Did you know there is a secret to the types of games to use?

Baby shower games can be the factor that makes or breaks your baby shower. The right combination of games can help your guests relax, interact and enjoy the celebration.

A sloppy or uneven mix can kill the shower before it has a chance to begin. When you are preparing the activities to go with your party, select a mix of active and written games.

A selection of both will help to control the situations and the speed the shower is going.

Common problems that can give a baby shower the dull factor are lagging time and then awkward conversations as a result of it. The correct mixture of games can help you stay in control of both. To solve these problems have extra ideas on hand to use when needed.

There are 3 types of baby shower games that work different ways to help you as a hostess.

1. Written- written games work well at the beginning of a baby shower or to stifle awkward talk. They can also be used in between active games to give your guests variety and sometimes a little breather. Here is a great place to get professional looking and inexpensive games for your shower.

2. Activities- activities involve the group as a whole without putting the spotlight or pressure on any one person as the center of attention. The activities will provide a relaxing active environment in which sparks casual talk. The activities at a baby shower generally involve some time of craft. Some examples of fun activities would be scrap booking, painting and decorating baby items, or creating diaper cakes or other fun baby gifts.

3. Active- the active games can add fun and excitement to the party. They are the main be as simple as baby bingo or as wild as Pictionary and family feud. You will usually only need 2 to 3 games during the party.

Choose activities to match your theme or personality of the group you are hosting. Use youthful or more active games for a young group and more relaxing games for older guests. Chances are you will have a mixture of both so make sure the activities complement everyone's personality to ensure an enjoyable time.

As a rule of thumb to follow, use written games or activities in the beginning of the baby shower as you wait for all of the guests to arrive. This will stifle any awkward talk or pauses for guests that might not know each other very well. It is also possible to use an activity for the majority of your shower. With tables set up for your guests, they can snack as they construct a fun baby craft for the new arrival.

The active games will be used as the main part of the activities, supplemented with written games and or activities as needed.

Some Final Hostess Tips:

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