2nd Baby Shower

2nd baby shower

I have a friend that is having another girl. The first girl is 2 1/2. I would like to have a little get together with friends but she did have a shower for the first. We are not really asking for any presents and she is not registering. Is it okay to have a 2nd baby shower/get together??

How to do word the invitation?? Any ideas on what to do/games to play, etc??

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2nd baby shower is perfectly acceptable to host for your friend. Every child deserves to be celebrated. There are a few fun party themes you can use for your friend's party.

1. You can have a "pamper mommy party". This kind of party helps a new mom deal with the stresses of motherhood. The party is focused more of the mom than an actual baby shower. You can do a spa baby shower in which the new mom (and guests) are pampered in a fun girl get together. Guests can bring things to share that help them relax.

2. A "baby sprinkle" can help a mom re-stock up on all of the little things needed for a new child. Since she most likely has all of the big ticket items, this kind of shower helps sprinkle the mom with smaller ticket items like diapers, diaper wipes, outfits (it is amazing how many outfits can be ruined by spit up!!), baby wash, lotion, etc.

3.Throw a baby shower with a theme like a diaper baby shower in which the whole baby shower revolves around diapers or another item she might need to stock up on.

NOTE: If the mom to be is absolutely sure she does not want gifts from the guests you can put something on the invitation something like, "Your presence at the baby shower is the only gift needed".

I hope that these ideas have helped. Good Luck planning the baby shower!

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Mar 03, 2012
Original Artwork For The Nursery
by: Jerrianne

When a friend of mine is having a 2nd baby, she decided she would like she would like to decorate the nursery.

She assigned a topic... aquatic animals... and provided different sized canvases.

For a evening everyone designed a picture for the baby's room. Some looked semi-professional and others were very simple. The contributor signed the lower right corner (uniformity).

Pictures taken during the event provided memories as well.

Mar 03, 2012
2nd Time Around Theme
by: Elaine

My sister was having her 3rd baby and she felt funny if people acted like it was her 1st baby (she had a nice baby shower for her 1st). We put on the baby invites that they should bring nicely used items that they no longer needed. It worked out great my sister got great gifts and she still got brand new items from her in-laws, etc.

Oct 05, 2010
These are wonderful ideas!
by: Erika

Thanks for these tips. I have the same questions as I'm expecting my second baby and have friends interested in throwing me a shower.

I wondered if letting them throw me one was appropriate, and whether I should invite people who were included in the first one. But your ideas helped me see that there are lots of ways to go about it without appearing "greedy."

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