Babies At Baby Showers

by Diane
(Austin, TX)

I have already sent the invitations out and didn't specify "no children". Do people really bring their kids to these types of functions? How do I make it clear now?

Our Answer:

Hi Diane. Thanks for your baby shower etiquette question. The invitation is the best place to let people know you would like to have an "Adults Only" baby shower.

Usually the kids seen at baby showers are children age 2 and under, depending on the individual circumstances and the availability of a babysitter.

You might have some people call to clarify if they have more than one kid and are not sure if it is appropriate to bring them. But don't expect everyone to call; most people with small children assume that it is ok for them to bring them.

Since the invitations are already out, you have 2 choices to fix the situation.

You can either have someone available in a separate room during the shower to watch the any kids that do arrive. They can have some snacks, a movie and a coloring activity to keep them busy.
(You might only have 1 or 2 babies show up with their moms, so this might be a better option for you if you don't want to ruffle any feathers.)


You can ask the mom which guests have kids, and then individually call each guest and as sweetly as possible let them know that even though you love their children, you ask that they not bring them so everyone can focus on the celebration.

I hope that helped. Good luck with the baby shower planning!

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We always bring our children
by: Anonymous

We have a group of friends that get together for all of our celebrations. Birthdays, holidays, baby showers, bridal showers, you name it, we have been through all of life's celebrations together. Our husbands work long hours, so having a party without kids is not possible. We bring our children to all of the celebrations, but we are probably lucky because our kids and husbands get along really well. I would never tell any of my friends that their kids were not invited. We just work around it by having things to keep the kids occupied and a separate area that they are allowed to play and have fun in.

Just my .02 cents
by: Amy

I personally don't mind babies at baby showers. I think they are adorable! But I think once they start walking, then they might get into things and cause a disturbance. I think that unless it has a "children welcome" note on the invitation, it is best to get a baby sitter for the older children that might cause problems at the party.

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