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How to Make Baby Bootie Cups

baby bootie cups with pink tulle favors

Create baby bootie cups to dress up your baby shower.

Our instructions will teach you how to quickly make these fun baby shower crafts.

These cute cups can be filled with candies, nuts, or other favor items and given to your guests.

You can also use them as decorations around the room or on the tables.

Baby Bootie Cup Ingredients (to make one baby bootie)

You will need:

Take an 8oz. Styrofoam cup and cut about an inch off of the top. (I like to cut 2 slits before I start to help ease the scissors into cutting).

cut top of styrofoam cup

Cut a slit starting at the top of the cup and cut downward until you are about an inch from the bottom of the cup. Make a matching slit with a space of an inch to an inch and a half in-between.

This will become the tongue of your shoe. Push the tongue back and bring the sides in to create flaps over the tongue.

pushing on slits to show where cuts are on bootie cup

Take your hole punch and punch matching holes on each flap. finished punched holes on bootie cup

Lace the ribbon through the baby booties like you would a shoe.

Decorate your baby bootie cup:

Here are some additional ideas to create a dressy look to your baby shower favor:

Some Bootie Cup Variations:

You can use decorative scissors to cut the top of the bootie. It adds a nice touch to it.

Cut one hole on each side of the shoe instead of two.

Use paper cups instead of Styrofoam. They have a lot of great designs on the cups that can really make cute baby booties.

glued baby bootie cup

Add some speed to your crafting! Instead of punching holes, place a dot of hot glue to the flaps to hold it together. Then hot glue a bow to it. It is both quick and beautiful!

3 different kinds of baby bootie cup favors for baby shower
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