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Baby Bootie Cake Instructions

white baby bootie diaper cake tied with pink tulle

~ This baby bootie diaper cake idea was submitted to our website by Linnette G. from Oviedo, Florida ~

After getting a bootie-shaped cake (the edible kind) for my first baby shower, I decided to create a non-edible rendition made with diapers!

For this bootie cake project, you will need:

It consists of two layers, the bottom being oval-shaped and the top round. The two layers are held together by a receiving blanket in the middle which holds hidden Johnson & Johnson baby goodies inside... things like travel lotion, shampoo, powder, body wash, socks, washcloth, and cream.

hidden gifts inside a bootie diaper cake covered with a blanket

I just use string to tie the diapers together but have found that binding each diaper with a rubber band first makes the whole process much faster - and easier. I finish off the cake with string 'frosting', tulle and ribbon details, and sometimes add sprinkles as requested.

diaper cake tied with white tulle and a pink heart card

The cake is then wrapped up in tulle and bound together with some pretty matching ribbon and a heart-shaped gift-card. The large version holds 56 size 1 diapers while the smaller version (which doesn't include the hidden central core) is made with 28 size 1 diapers.

white baby bootie diaper cake with purple tulle white baby bootie diaper cake tied with blue tulle

Bootie Diaper Cake Photos submitted by our readers:

Photo submitted by :
Elizabeth from Springtown, Texas

bootie diaper cake with blue satin ribbon tied like a shoe

This was a baby bootie diaper cake I made for one of my bosses. I got the idea from your site and THANK YOU! It was a last minute shower and I was scrambling to find a beautiful useful gift!

Photo submitted by:
Ranette from Wichita Falls, Texas

purple and white baby bootie diaper cake on table

This is the first ever diaper cake that my best friend and I did. It was for my sister's baby shower and we thought we would share it with those that are thinking of making one.

right angle of baby cake 3 tier diaper cake with pink and purple organza bows and ribbon
baby shower display with 3 bootie cakes and tulle and christmas light decorations

Photo submitted by:

Lisa D. from Canada

baby bootie cake with blue and white polka dot ribbon and teddy bear

Photo submitted by:

Kristy M. from Hempstead, Texas

blue bear baby bootie with baby sneakers and bear ribbon

3 layer baby bootie with teddy bear and baby sneakers

I made this baby bootie for my daughters shower. I wanted to have something different for a centerpiece, and decided the "bootie" was the way to go. I started with Huggies (size 1) diapers. I rolled each diaper up, and secured it with a rubber band. Once I got all of them done, I put the rolled up diapers in the form of a baby bootie (to form the bottom part), and secured it very tightly with string. I then did the same thing for the top layer of the bootie, but I added a couple of baby washcloths in the front to give it more color, and added a cute little bear to the middle for decoration. I then added baby ribbon around both layers of the bootie and tied it in a bow. The rest is all up to you. You can use whatever kind of decorations you like. I happened to love the little brown shoes, and thought they were really cute for decoration. I attached the blue bows with scotch tape and used curling ribbon to attach a pacifier on both sides. This was really fun to make, and I will not hesitate to make another one for the next baby shower.

Photo submitted by:

Karen O. from Valrico, FL

baby sock baby bootie cake on white cake stand right side of baby bootie cake with baby sock roses

I made a traditional diaper cake when my daughter was pregnant for our granddaughter Evie and now she is having our grandson Vincent so I couldn't wait to try my hand at the Bootie cake. I inserted a bottle of Sweet Pea body lotion (a surprise for the mommy-to-be) in the center of the cake to anchor the two layers. The 'cake stand' was made from the bottom of a plastic plant container and two pieces of cardboard glued together. After assembling the cake I traced the outline onto the cardboard allowing for a little overlap, glued them together and covered them in wrapping paper. I pre-drilled holes through the cardboard and base, inserted a nut and bolted it underneath the planter base. I used large washers on the top and bottom to be sure it was stable. I made baby sock roses as a topper. The clear ribbon bow added some sparkle and allowed the rattle and pacifiers to be seen.

Photo submitted by:

Marsha W. from Kansas City, MO

matching white and blue diaper bootie cakes

This is a pair of booties made with diapers and onesies and other baby items.

Photo submitted by:

Charlie M. from the United States

3 mod green and brown polka dot diaper bootie cakes

Diaper cake and matching booties was made for my daughter's friend baby shower for boy.

 3 tier green and brown polka dot diaper cake with duck on top

Photo submitted by:

Rebekah G. from Richardson, Texas

white diaper bootie with yellow and blue ribbons and bath supplies on top

I wanted to make something special and I think this is it! Thank you all for the great tips and ideas!

3 tier angel diaper cake wrapped in blue and white blankets

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