Baby Bottle Cake

by Sherri R.
(Oklahoma City, Oklahoma USA)

Baby bottle cake

Baby bottle cake

Simply adorable! This darling baby bottle cake was shared with us by one of our talented readers. Such a simple design, it would be easy to recreate for a baby shower. Thank you for sharing it with us Sherri!

Sherri's comments:
This was a surprise cake for the expecting mother and father's family. The mother gave me sealed results of her ultrasound. I was to make the inside of the cake either pink or blue based on the results of the ultrasound.

It was so fun to be the first to know what the sex of the baby would be. I can only imagine the excitement of the family as they cut into the cake to find out it was a boy!

This cake was French vanilla flavored cake with butter cream icing. I carved the cake in the shape of a bottle and then covered it in fondant. The nipple is made of fondant as well, colored with a very little touch of peach food coloring. The bow was made out of fondant the day before to allow drying time. I brushed it with lilac petal dust to give it shine.

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