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Play A Baby Bottle Game!

colorful baby bottles on a clothesline
Are you looking for a fun baby bottle game?

Play a game that is fun while helping the mommy to be with needed supplies!

There are so many fun ways to take an ordinary bottle and make an extraordinary game.

The list below should get you off to a great start.

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Every section has different ideas intended to help you put together a fantastic baby shower!

Bottle Game List:

Musical Bottle Race-Start this game with 3 baby bottles filled with juice. Hand it out in random around the room. When you start the music have the guests pass the bottles like hot potato.

Let everyone know that the person who ends up with a bottle will have to drink it. The person who finishes the bottle first wins.

This game is really fun when it is played with guys. The players will realize that they need to suck really hard to get the juice out. They will have hurting cheeks by the time they are done!

Play a gag with this game- seal up one of the nipples so no matter how hard one of the players sucks, nothing comes out. That player gets a prize for trying so hard.

Bottle Bowling- Place baby bottles on the floor in a triangle fashion. Give your guests tennis balls to bowl with. You can also make the bowling lane and gutter by taping masking tape to the floor. You can also add some kind of filler to the bottles to give them a little weight.

Bottle Drinking Races- Choose 2 people to compete in a bottle drinking race. Whoever finishes their bottle first wins a prize. They will have sore cheeks and more respect for the baby!

Not sure how this game would work? View a coed baby shower that had a bottle drinking race...

Check out the winner's dance!! It is too funny!!

Bottle Ring Toss- This game involves just the top rings off several baby bottles. Take a large poster board or sheet of paper and lay it on the floor with a bull's eye symbol in the middle.

Each circle of the bull's eye is worth a certain amount of points. The guests will take turns trying to hit the bull's eye. The smaller your group, the more rounds you will be able to get in. The one with the most points at the end wins a prize.

Variation: Take a poster board and draw a baby on it. Make a large whole in the middle of the baby's face for its mouth. The object of the game is to try to throw the ring into the mouth and feed the baby. The larger the mouth, the easier it is!

Pass The Baby Bottle- This game can be played in a circle, like hot potato or as a race. The only twist to it is the guests cannot use their hands to pass the bottle! They can use anything else, but their hands. Some people pass it with chins, elbows, and knees! The creativity begins with the music!

To play the race version, divide the group into two and have them form 2 lines. The team to get the bottle to the end of their line first wins. You might want to give them a second to consider the fastest way to pass it...since hands are out!

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