Baby Feet Shower

by Deborah
(Chattanooga, TN)

girl footprints

It's a Girl and we wanted to make these beautiful pink baby feet (imprint) invitations.

We were then trying to somehow carry that theme to the shower but we are at a loss past buying Baby Feet cookie cutters and making cookies for the party.

Please - any ideas??

Our Answer:

Hi Deborah,

We've put together some great ideas to help you decorate and plan your baby shower. Enjoy!

Baby Feet Themed Decorations-

Use a footprint stamp and pink ink to stamp cute footprints on a white paper tablecloth. You can randomly stamp it, outline the border or have feet lead from one food item to another.

Another alternative is to cut a footprint shape out of a sponge and stamp it in pink craft paint.

Use pink streamers and pink balloons to decorate with. They make cute pink footprint balloons which would make a great accent!

Make a sock rose bouquet for the centerpiece or use fresh pink flowers like roses, carnations or gerbera daisies.

Sprinkle footprint confetti on the table. You could use a footprint paper puncher we found here.

Baby Feet Themed Food-

You can make your traditional baby shower favorite foods and not worry too much about the baby feet theme, since your table decorations cover this for you.

But if you would like to add another touch to the food here are some additional ideas...

Use footprint cookie cutters to bring life to your food table. A meat and cheese tray cut with a footprint cookie cutter. Footprint shaped sugar cookies. Foot print shaped sandwiches.

Baby Feet Themed Games-

Feet Trivia-
How well do we know our feet? Give your guests the "All Things Foot Trivia" for a fun way to find out!

Match the socks-
As a mom, speed is of the essence when it comes to keeping up with children. You can test out parenting skills with this game. Throw a pile of baby socks on floor make sure that none of them are matched up. Then choose two or three seasoned
mommies and time each of them separately on how quickly they can pair the socks up together. The one that does it in the shortest amount of time wins.

Make this game harder by using different colors, textures, and designs on the socks.

Find The Pacifier*-

Select 2 to 3 bold guests to race to find a pacifier. The only catch is, they have to use their feet to do it! Set aside an area with a covering to protect your floor. Line up chairs for them to sit in.

Place a bucket in front of each guest. Inside the bucket is oatmeal (or another slimy goop). Hidden in the oatmeal are pacifiers. The contestants must take off a shoe and sock off of one foot, insert it in the
oatmeal and pick each pacifier out with their toes. Set a time limit and have fun! (You might want to video record or take pictures of this!!It will be pretty funny!)

*This game might add a lot of color to your baby shower with squeals of delight and yes, disgust!

Baby Themed Favors-

Here are some Baby Feet Themed Favors you could use for your baby shower...

  • Footprint Lollipops.
  • Baby Feet Candy
  • Flip Flop Pedicure Set
  • Footprint Shaped Soaps
  • Candy Bar Wrappers

  • Here is a cute poem you could use with your favors...

    Itsy – Bitsy fingers,
    Wiggly little toes,
    Teeny – tiny tummy,
    Baby button nose -
    Lullabies & Laughter,
    Lots of “baby things,”
    And then to fill your heart,
    The Love a baby brings.
    ~ Author Unknown ~
    Then add, Thanks for coming to our shower!

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    Apr 18, 2012
    Tiny Toes
    by: Anonymous

    We did a "Ten Tiny Toes" shower for a friend of mine, and there are TONS of ways you can incorporate this into the details of the event. For example, we found a footprint cookie cutter (2 sizes) and used this for cheese slices (make them thick enough that they aren't flimsy) and made chocolates in a footprint mold to top cupcakes with. Everyone loved this; You can also use some items like socks, booties, etc. that Mom can use (socks are most practical!), hang from a jute strand across the room, and have guests write down words of wisdom or funny memories of their own babies, roll them up (correlating scrapbook paper looks adorable for this), and place inside socks so they are sticking out. Mom can go through and read aloud or on her own, whichever fits the gathering best. Also, consider have the grandma(s)-to-be consider bringing the ink-footprints of Mom or Dad when they were born, if they have them, and display these near the gift table, etc., as a conversation piece. We used a lot of black/white photography of newborn toes as well (courtesy of a local photographer). Very very popular theme :) Good Luck!

    Mar 04, 2012
    It's A Boy! Feet Shower
    by: Youlondia N

    Everything is related to baby feet and It's a boy. It is blue and white. I even ordered little blue feet suckers. I have stand up brochures with baby feet poems on them. The invitations are movies on dvd that have pictures of mom, dad, belly shots, baby's room and ultrasound videos.

    There is also buggies on the decorations so I am using a buggy shaped watermelon to hold the fruit salad. Also bootie cups for the mint cups.

    Mar 12, 2008
    by: Anonymous

    This is the cutest and the best so far. I am so excited to be throwing this to my sister who is expecting twin boys. I love how I could just adjust a few things and it will be so great!

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