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Get Your Guests Involved With Baby Shower Activities!

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Baby Shower Activities are a great way to start off the celebration.

They work well in a "pinch" when needed to help keep the party flowing.

You can use the activities to:

Baby Shower Activities:

Candy Jar Guess- This is a fun and easy activity for guests to do as they arrive to the party. Fill a jar or baby bottle full of candy. Provide slips of paper for guests to guess the amount of candy in the jar. The person closest to the actual amount of candy will win a prize.

Autograph the Ball-This is great for a couples baby activity. After playing a sporty game, you can use the ball to collect autographs of the people who came to support the new baby. Take pictures of them while they sign the ball. This can be arranged later in a cute picture collage.

You can also have them write advice on a larger ball. It can be advice on taking care of a child or parenting as a couple.

Baby Food Connoisseur- How well do you know your baby food flavors? Start with a couple types of jars of baby food. Remove the baby food from the jars and put them into clear containers with spoons. Give your guests a piece of paper and have them guess what the baby food flavors are. The one who guesses the most correct flavors wins a prize. Baby Advice- Kids don't come with an instruction manual. But we can give a new mom the next best thing...an advice book! Have guests write their advice and tips to the new mom in a journal at the baby shower. This keepsake will be invaluable to the mother as she starts raising her kids.

What does mommy look like?- Hand out paper to all of the guests and have them fold it in half and put it behind their backs. This is an activity to find out who the best artist is without the guests seeing the paper.

The mom stands up and the guests start tearing the paper to what they think the mommy's body looks like. Have everyone choose the best mommy cut-out. The winner gets a prize.

Baby Sculptures-Hand out a bar of soap and different tools to each guest. Have each guest try to carve a baby out of their soap using their utensil. In the end guests can vote for their favorite.

Diaper Bag Guessing Game- Display a cute diaper bag somewhere prominent where guests would take notice of it. Beside it, place baby items that might go in a diaper bag. Don't say anything about the bag. It is just there as a display. After a little while, take away the diaper bag and baby items. Then give the guests a piece of paper and tell them to write down everything they saw displayed on the table. The person who guesses the most items correctly wins a prize.

Paper Bag Guess- For this easy baby shower activity, gather 10 different baby items that are different sizes and shapes. Place each item in a brown paper bag and staple the top to close. Number each bag from 1 to 10. Then hand out pieces of paper to the guests that have been numbered from 1-10. The guests will pass around the bags to try to guess what is in it. Leave some items in their packaging to make the game a little harder for your guests. The person who guesses the most items correctly wins a prize. At the end, give the mom-to-be the baby items. :)

Slippery Fingers - To start this baby shower activity, fill a bowl with uncooked rice. Add small safety pins to the bowl and mix well. You can either pass the bowl around to take turns or set up a table enough bowls and chairs for everyone. Guests take turn to try to remove as many safety pins as possible in a certain time limit. It is harder than you would think!

Make this game a little harder by blindfolding everyone or giving them gloves to wear. The person who removed the most safety pins wins a prize.

Time capsule-Ask the guests to bring something to remind the baby of what was going on in the world when he/she was born. They can have a newspaper clipping, current picture of the baby's mom, current music, or anything else they would like to bring.

Letters to baby- Set out some elegant writing paper and pens for the guests to write personal letters to the baby. They can be about anything they want. It gives the guests a chance to express their love to the new baby, talk about the baby's parents, give baby wishes or tell the baby how they know the mommy and daddy. They can be compiled after the shower into a memory book.

Baby Shower Roast- Before the party, arrange to have a close friend of the family to prepare funny or remember when stories to share with everyone. Guests can also come prepared with advice to share with the new parents. A perfect way to end the roast is a toast to the new mom and dad (with non-alcoholic drinks of course ;) ).

Have a video recorder on hand for this activity, it will be great item to add to the couple's library!

Guess the powder- In this activity you will place different kinds of white powders in bags and label the front with a number. Have the guests pass it around and take a guess to what they think the white powder is. Some examples to use could be: detergent, baby powder, flour, sugar, and salt.

Some Final Baby Shower Activity tips:

By choosing one or two baby shower activities, you will be able to get the celebration started and be able to control the pace in which to start the games.

If used wisely, activities can give you the perfect mix of variety you will need for a creative and fun event.

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