Baby Shower Around the Holidays

If a friend is having a baby in Early Feb. would it be better to have a shower before the Crazy Holiday Season hits- late November early December or would it be better to hold off until the 2nd weekend in January?

Our Answer:

Hi, thanks for your question. The answer will depend on your guests and their schedules. Having a good baby shower during the holiday season could be a little difficult because of the timing, but not impossible. The closer you throw it to a holiday, the harder it will be to get a good turnout from your guests. And, the closer you are to the due date, the more you chance a cancellation due to labor, bed rest or other complications.(There is certainly nothing wrong with throwing a shower so close to the due date, but there always is the chance of needing to cancel the shower.)

It is good that you already have a few dates that might work for you. The earlier dates in December are good because it is not so crazy yet, and the second weekend in January is good because it is after the holiday rush.

I suggest asking around to see if there are any major conflicts with the dates you have. There might be nutcracker or other Christmas plays, community gatherings, and sports events that family members are involved in that might conflict with the shower.

You won't be able to accommodate everyone, but once you have an indication of which date is the best, go with it.

I hope that helped a little. Good luck planning your shower!

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Hold Off...
by: Anonymous

I would hold off if she is not due until early February. The Christmas rush is too crazy that you will have poor attendance. I am usually so busy during that time that there would be no way that I would remember a baby shower. I would push it off until after the New Year. Send the invites early enough that they can buy a present during the after holiday sales. They won't be so worried about money and Christmas time and will be able to focus on the baby and not the craziness going on with the holidays. Just my 2 cents. ;)

I love holiday baby showers!
by: Brittney

I love holiday baby showers! The house is already decorated for Christmas, so it makes it even more magical. The Christmas lights add a soft a cozy feel to the party. I did a winter wonderland look for the last baby shower I hosted during Christmas time. It was for a baby boy so we used the colors of white and blue. It turned out gorgeous!

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