Baby Shower Candy Wishes For Baby

by Paula

For my cousins baby showers, I put together a bag of miniature candies that represented "Wishes for the Baby". I picked up some different kinds of candies and took 1 of each & wrapped in tulle and attached a piece of paper with ribbon with the "Wishes for Baby".

It can be reworded however one seems fit or if there are other candies that spark some unique quotes! It's been a long time since my cousins shower so there may have been some other candies I used as well. I am planning a shower for my sister so I plan to do the same thing for hers! It's a fairly inexpensive & unique party favor I think!

Wish for Baby...
Smarties – For her to have the wisdom to reach all her potential.
Kisses – So that she may always receive all the love she needs.
100 Grand – That she will always be financially secure.
Starbust – That all her wishes on stars come true.
Almond Joy – So that she may know true joy throughout her life!

Reply: Great idea Paula! I've put together some more candy bar wishes to help those who would like to try your idea...

Snickers- So her life will be full of love and laughter.
Nestle Crunch- So she will be there for others when they are in a crunch.
Twix- That her heart may be full of thanks.
Ring Pop- That true love may find her.
Mr. Goodbar- May she always find good company.
Good & Plenty- That she will always have lots of good friends.
Pay Day- That she may know the rewards of hard work.
Butterfinger- So she will slow down and not let life slip through her fingers.
Take 5- That she might remember to relax and enjoy life.
Krackel- That she will never crack under pressure.
Charleston Chew- That she will choose a good path in life.
Reisen Bar- That she will always have good reason to do what is right.
Hershey Treasures- So she will always treasure her family.
Extra Gum- That she will go the extra mile for those who need her.
Sour Patches-That she might see the sweetness in life, even if she goes through a few sour patches.
Werthers Original- That she might always know her true worth.
Rocky Road and Milky Way- That her path might always be smooth and never rocky.

Hope that helps! Best of luck with your baby shower favor!

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May 04, 2013
Attaching the candy bar quotes
by: Paula

I typed all the sayings for the candy I used on a little piece of paper & attached w ribbon to the bag of candy. Hope this helps!

May 04, 2013
nice idea

Im confused, do you write out the saying for each candy bar or what. I like all of these saying just want to know how it is put together.


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