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Double Check Your Baby Shower Checklist

Cross your t's and dot your i's as you prepare for an upcoming baby shower.

Use our baby shower checklist to help you stay focused on your "to do list".

Planning a party should be a fun and positive experience.

Eliminate stressful crunch time situations by planning your party in a way that allows you to still live your life.

This checklist covers the basics needed to put together a successful party.

Our Baby Shower Checklist

6 weeks before the party:

Meet with the mother-to-be to go over the following:

  The best date and time for the celebration

  The mother's likes and dislikes- to get a better idea of what theme to follow. Some other good information to know is the gender (if known), her favorite foods and colors.

  Have her start her guest list. Make sure she also lists addresses so you can deliver them.

The best place to hold the shower

Ask her if she is registered anywhere for baby gifts. If she hasn't and would like to, let her know a date you need the registration information so you can put it in the invitations.

Tip: After you meet with the mother, ask people you know of any events that might conflict with the shower. This way you can avoid last minute shuffling to allow as many people to attend as possible.

5 weeks before:

Choose a budget for the baby shower.

Make a firm decision on the theme you will be following.

Plan your menu.

Reserve the location for your celebration.

Follow up with the mother to be on the guest list and any other items you might need.

4 weeks before:

Choose your invitations and get them addressed to be mailed

Decide which baby shower items you will make and which you will order.

3 weeks before:

Send out invitations in the mail.

Order your baby shower cake and centerpieces (if you are not making them).

Place your order for the caterer (if you are using one).

Reserve enough tables and chairs to accommodate your guests.

2 weeks before:

Purchase your decorations, prizes and favors

Purchase your table ware (plates, napkins, cups, utensils).

Decide on the games and activities you will use for the shower.

1 week before:

Call guests who have not RSVP'd yet.

Get a firm number together for your guests.

Deep clean your house, including the bathroom guests will be using.

  Shop for all necessary food.

Start any baby shower crafts during this week.

2 days before:

Go over your games to make sure you have everything that is needed.

Check your camera and camcorder to make sure you have all the film, batteries and it is fully charged to use.

Write a timeline for your baby shower so you know how it will flow. The average party is 2-3 hours long.

The day before:

Set up your tables and chairs.

Start cooking the food for the party.

Start decorating and setting up tables (if it is going to be held at home)

Make your baby shower cake (if you are not buying it)

Pick up any ordered items for the shower.

Double check your "to do list" to make sure everything is covered. Review your baby shower checklist one more time to make sure your list has everything on it. ;)

Do any last minute shopping (ice, drinks, tape, scissors etc.)

The day of the baby shower:

Start the day out by getting ready (so you will have less stress at crunch time).

Finish your meal preparations.

Set your food table with the tableware, centerpiece, cake and any decorations.

Finish decorating for the party.

Do any last minute straightening and cleaning.

Welcome your guests with a big smile!

Ask a few guests to help take the pictures, videotape, and record the gifts for the mother.

Would you like your own copy of this checklist?

Click here to download a printable copy of our checklist.

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