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Baby Shower Craft Ideas

Baby shower crafts are a fun and easy way to express your creativity.

They are great for decorating, group activities, favors, and to use as a gift for the mom-to-be.

Crafts are fun to use at a baby shower because they are so versatile. The ideas provided are meant to inspire you to create fabulous crafts.

If you would like a great way to say thank you to your guests...

You cannot go wrong with a cute craft.

Don't see your favorite craft? Tell us about it and we will add it to our craft page!

napkin folded into a baby shirt
Napkin Baby Shirt- Learn how to fold napkins into a cute shirt to hold the utensils. So cute and easy!
a bouquet of pink and white washcloths rolled into roses
Washcloth Rose Bouquet-Make a bouquet of washcloth roses for the baby on its way. Easy to make and unique!
white diaper bear made out of rolled diapers with yellow hair bows and a cute pink flower bib
Diaper Bear-Learn how to make a fun and creative baby shower gift out of diapers.
pink and white sock rose bouquet filled in with greenery and white baby's breath flowers
Baby Sock Rose Bouquet- Craft a beautiful bouquet of roses out of socks. It is a wonderful way to give baby items to that special mommy.
3 candy necklaces made to look like a baby pacifier tied to pink ribbon
Candy Pacifier Necklaces- Make a quick, cute candy pacifier necklace for each guest as a special way to say "thank you". These crafts are lots of fun and 100% edible!
styrofoam cups cut and glued to create a baby bootie favor with treats inside
Baby Bootie Cups- Create creative booties out of Styrofoam and paper cups as a fun decoration or party favor.
white teddy bear created out of rolling towels
Bear Towel Craft- Make a cute teddy bear out of towels. View instructions submitted by one of our readers!
washcloth lollipops wrapped in irredescent paper and placed in basket as favors
Washcloth lollipops- Create lollipops out of washcloths for a creative a cute craft!
 green and yellow mini felt dresses for bun in the oven game
Bun In The Oven Game- Play a fun bun in the oven game with this cute craft! Easy to make and fun to use!
baby basket carriage covered with sleepers, blankets and baby items
Basket Baby Carriage- Make a cute carriage out of baskets and fill it full of useful items the new mom will adore!
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white baby onesie with black and white appliqued guitar
Decorate Onesies- For this baby shower craft, use white onesies in differing sizes. Provide your guests with paints, material and embellishments for them to decorate unique and fun gifts for the mom-to-be.
blue and white sock rose corsage with miniature baby pacifier
Sock Rose Corsages- A beautiful way to make someone feel special. Learn how to cleverly craft socks into a corsage.
yellow duck diaper cake with blue and brown ribbon decorations
Diaper Cakes- A cake that is calorie and fat free! Give useful items as a fun gift everyone will enjoy.
yellow pink and blue washcloth bunnies
Washcloth Bunnies- Cute little bunny rabbits made out of washcloths.
white and blue sock rose boutonniere
Baby Sock Boutonniere- Create the perfect gift for a new father to celebrate becoming a dad. It is a great matching gift for the baby sock corsage.
-Provide a card style cookbook for guests to decorate and fill with their favorite recipes.
pink and green towel cake with as strawberry shortcake theme
Towel Cakes- A beautiful and useful way to give towels.
diapers rolled into a baby with a cute pink and blue outfit and pink pacifier
Diaper Baby- Create a cute baby out of diapers.
The new mom is going to be busy with the new addition to the family. Create pages for her to add her favorite pictures to as the little one grows.
diaper wreath decorated with brown bear and flowers
Diaper Wreath- A fun and decorative wreath made out of diapers.
Decorating Aprons-
Use an apron for your guests to decorate for the new mom or dad. Provide paints and embellishments for them to use. Making up the saying is more than half the fun.

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