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Baby Shower Crafts - A New Kind of Baby Shower!

baby shower craft materials

Get your crafting skills together for some baby shower crafts!

Are you the kind of person who shies away from the traditional kinds of baby showers? Maybe you have had bad experiences with the normal baby shower games and would like a refreshing twist your upcoming celebration.

Why not replace the games with a baby craft? This will give your guests a chance to get creative and give your mom-to-be great, personalized gifts!

Scrap booking shower- Have a table with enough chairs for guests set up and ready to go. Set out scrap booking materials and some snacks for brain food. During this type of celebration, guests can relax, chat and create a page or two for the baby's first scrapbook.

Give themes for them to follow. Baby's firsts is a great theme with tons of topics. First car ride, first bath, first diaper, first feeding, first solids, first plane flight, first camping trip...the list can go on and on.

Baby Shower Crafts

Diaper Cakes- You will need about 4 to 5 packages of diapers, decorative ribbon, clear hair bands and some baby items for this craft. Separate the guests into 4 groups and give them a package each.

Each group will be in charge of their design, decoration and final look. The mom can then judge the cakes and everyone can take pictures in front of their masterpieces.

Baby Remembrance Box- Buy a cute unfinished box or hat box at a local craft store. During the party have the guests decorate the box and create envelopes for remembrance items.

Decorate onesies- Provide a table to decorate onesies for the baby. Have supplies like iron on designs, markers, paints, and decorative items for guests to use. You can tie dye some onesies or provide onesies in different sizes and colors to make it with.

Towel Decorating- Take one or two white hooded bath towels and decorative ribbon, wiggly eyes, orange beak material, fabric paints and markers.

If you are handy with a sewing machine or know someone who is, you can have the towels ready to give to the mom by the end of the shower. Guests can take turns decorating and signing the towel.

Diaper Decorating- Decorate Diapers! Take cloth diapers and use fabric paints, iron-ons and markers for the guests to create diaper masterpieces. They can put cute sayings on it like," This side down" or "Momma's present goes in here"

Decorate Bibs- Have a selection of different bibs for guests to decorate. They can use paints, stencils and craft materials to really make the bibs cute. Put a cute baby saying on it like "Got Milk" or "Breakfast's On Me".

Baby's Picture Frame- You can use a traditional picture frame or a shadow box. Dress up the backing or mat by adding cute scrap booking paper and stickers to the inside.

Sign the mat- If you have a solid color mat on the picture frame you might want everyone to place a baby wish on the mat and sign it for a cute remembrance item.

Diaper Wreath- The diaper wreath is an easy and quick craft that anyone can do. You can have groups set up to do a couple of these or have other baby shower crafts available for people to pick from.

More Baby Shower Crafts:

Unfinished Wood Crafts- These are fun crafts for a group to get together and do. There are lots of great unfinished wood items at craft stores that would make cute baby shower gifts. You can choose from hat boxes, decorative shelves, picture frames, and letters to spell the baby's name or a message, toys, etc.

Set up a table with lots of different paints and some items to decorate with. They also have cute wooden cut outs to decorate with.

Baby and Mommy Bracelets- Set out different kinds of beads in complimentary colors for the guests to make bracelets for the mom and baby. Set out blue beads if it is a boy and pink if it is a girl.

You can make beautiful bracelets (and necklaces) by using different shades and a complimentary color like silver. If you know the name of the baby you can also use the beads with the alphabet on it to spell the name.

Welcome home kit- Have the guests work on putting together a welcome home kit for the baby. You can arrange for everyone to bring a baby item to contribute to the kit. During the baby shower you can assemble it and make additional items like a cute baby bracelet to go in the kit.

Belly Cast Craft- This craft idea will need prior approval from the mommy. It is one that requires a brave mom who is willing to lay on the floor while her guests put the plaster on her belly for a cast. After the plaster dries there is a beautiful sculpture of her pregnant tummy for people to decorate and sign.

This is a messy craft, for both the mom and the guests, so you will want to be prepared with protective clothing and clean towels!

Make sure to video tape this craft, it is worth keeping in the family library!

Baby shower crafts made for the dad:

Cookbook-(Dad might need to step up and help with the cooking now that the mom is occupied with a little one. A cookbook might be just the thing he needs.)

You can also make a recipe book for the mom with quick or really good recipes.

On a table, place the supplies needed to create a custom grilling cookbook for the dad. Have supplies to decorate the outside of the cookbook. Make sure it is a card cookbook so the guests can insert their recipe card into the cookbook. If the cookbook has room for 2 cards on each page, the guests can fill one card with new daddy advice.

Apron- With the dad cooking more, he will need a good apron to cook with. Use decorative items, paint, and markers to make a unique apron he will enjoy wearing. It can have a cute saying inscribed on it like," I cook for survival" or "A man's grill is his best friend" Guests can take turns decorating, signing names or writing advice on the clothing articles.

New Daddy (or Mommy) Kit- Gather all your guests to make a unique and fun kit for the new dad (or mom). There are tons of fun items you can round up to make the kit with. Not only will it be fun to put this kit together, but your guests will have fun putting cute little messages on the items for the new parents.

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