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Baby Shower Door Prize Games- The Fun Starts At The Door!

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Baby shower door prize games and activities bring fun and excitement to the party as soon as guests start to walk through the door.

Today's celebrations are loaded with fun games and prizes that fill the spots where awkward conversation used to linger.

Baby Shower Door Prize Activities:

Questionnaire Prizes- Give the guests a "getting to know you questionnaire". Throughout the baby shower you can use their answers for prizes and to start out games.

The Picky Picker- Use this door prize to reward guests with fun edible items.

Place items in a dish or jar for guests to take as they come into the room. Instruct them not to eat the item yet. Before the games start, ask them to look for something on the item.

For example, a lollipop could have a dot on the bottom made with a marker. A wrapped candy can have a small piece of construction paper taped to the end, etc.

The Lucky Corsage- Hand a corsage out to each guest as they enter the room. It can be as simple as a paper folded up into a diaper and attached to a safety pin or as elaborate as a cute corsage purchased online.

Put a mark on one of the corsages before hand to identify it with. For the diaper corsage you would simply add a little peanut butter or chocolate to the inside of it.

After all the guests have arrived, have them look at their corsage to see if it is the one that was marked. The owner of the marked corsage would win a prize.

Baby's Birth Date- Chances are that one of the guests at the party has a birthday close to the due date of the baby. Give a prize to the person whose birthday is closest to the date.

You can narrow it down by having everyone raise their hands if they have a birthday in the same month. If more than one hand goes up then ask if anyone has a birth date the same day. Keep on asking questions until you find the winner.

More Door Prize Games:

Perfect Timing- For this game, perfect timing is of the essence. Place a timer and a pile of gifts on a table before the baby shower starts so it won't be noticeable. Set the timer to go off every 5 minutes.

Start the first round when the party starts to reward those who are on time. Pick a guest to choose a gift from the pile, but not open it. The next person would have the option to steal their gift or pick one from the pile.

Continue this prize game until you run out of gifts and everyone has one. Open the gifts! Guests will have fun seeing what the big prize fight was over!

Have some fun with this game:

The Guessing Jar- Place a jar (or baby bottle) filled with a candy or a baby item and have the guests guess how many items are in the jar.

Be sure to count carefully as you place the items in the jar to get accurate numbers!

The Animal Touch- For this baby shower door prize game, use plastic animals or miniature plastic babies. Display them in a way that will match your theme. For instance, yellow plastic ducks can float in the punch bowl or plastic green frogs can be set in green Jell-o.

Place a mark on the underside of one of the plastic animals. The person who selects the animal with the marking will get a prize for having the animal touch.

Thank You Card Drawing- As each guest arrives, hand them an envelope and have them address it to themselves and decorate it. Then they will place it in a basket or box. Once everyone has arrived, the hostess will draw an envelope for a prize. The envelopes are then given to the mother to be.

When she finishes with a thank you card, the envelope is all ready for her to send out.

Baby Shower Raffle- Reward your guests for supplying the mom-to-be with needed baby items!

There are two ways to play the baby shower raffle. You can have the guests bring a needed item for the mommy or they could purchase a ticket for a set price.

Most party stores will have the raffle tickets in stock. Or you can make a homemade raffle ticket on your computer. Place a unique number on the ticket and a drawing form for them to fill out. During the baby shower you can pull tickets out of the jar and reward prizes to those guests.

A Layered Gift- Wrap an item with lots of layers of wrapping paper. Pass it around the circle and have each guest remove a layer. The person who unwraps the last layer gets the gift. Make sure there are enough gifts for everyone!

Popping Prizes- This balloon activity can be more than just a door prize game. Fill up enough balloons that the guests will at least have one each. Put a slip of paper in each one. Alternate prizes with games that will be played at the baby shower, instructions for them to do something, on the spot advice to give the mommy, etc. Creativity will add a lot of fun to this game.

Your door prize games can be as simple or as elaborate as you choose. Take any of these ideas, add a little special touch and create a masterpiece of your own!

There are more great baby shower games and ideas listed throughout all of the baby shower game sections. Mix and match to add the best variety to your baby shower!

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