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The Modern Baby Shower Etiquette Rules
Every Hostess Should Know

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You have offered to host a baby shower for a friend or family member. Congratulations!

You are bringing together those who love and care for each other to share in the celebration of life. There is little in life that brings as much satisfaction as the celebration of a new baby.

We want you host the best baby shower ever! So let's go over some quick etiquette to help you become a successful hostess.

Etiquette is something that is always evolving. It is described as a "code of acceptable behavior" in the dictionary. It can be a little different depending on where you might live and what is culturally acceptable in your area.

If you have never been to a baby shower or if it is your first time hosting, it is important to know what to expect.

What might have been considered taboo in your mother's day has evolved with our modern society. Today's celebrations follow different rules and guidelines and things that may have not been considered acceptable back then might be perfectly fine nowadays.

Don't feel discouraged or overwhelmed. I will give you a quick tutorial on what to do and what not to do in a baby shower.

Follow these rules and you will be empowered to focus on the mother, not the sticky etiquette rules.

Read through our Survival Guide to Hostess Etiquette to get the full explanation of everything you need to know as a hostess. It goes over your expectations as a hostess and tips to help you do a great job.

There is a frequent etiquette questions section. It covers all the basic questions of how, what, where and when. It is a great place to brush up on all the basics.

And if you still need a little extra guidance with your situation, let us help! Check out our etiquette question forum, to see questions others have also asked on the subject. It is full of advice on what to do in special circumstances and how to smooth over hurt feelings that may happen while hosting.

The most important thing of all...Have fun! Enjoy yourself. You are providing a wonderful gift to a new mom by hosting a beautiful celebration for her.

You now have all the knowledge on etiquette that you need to throw a wonderful baby shower. Ready for the next step?

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