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Quick and Easy Baby Shower Favors

The best baby shower favors...are cute, usable and take little time and effort!

You've covered all of the bases for your celebration. Now, it's time to take a moment to create a lasting impression for your guests!

So say thank you with flair!

If you are going to take the time and effort to make something for your guests, make sure it is something they would like to keep.

Are favors popular in your area?

A baby shower favor can always be a nice way of saying thank you to your guests. But, if you are on a budget it might be useful for you to find out if they are necessary for the area of the country you live in. Ask around to see if favors are normal for showers in your area.

You will save money if it is not needed and perhaps ruffle a few feathers if it is. It is best to know a head of time what is good etiquette in your area.

How to choose the perfect favor for your party:

Think of the lifestyles and ages of the guests attending your party. Pick an item that will work well with your theme and they will enjoy.

Food is usually a good choice. A cookie or piece of candy will most often be savored by a woman. Or if diet is the issue, you will make a child in the family really happy. ;)

Do not waste your time and energy making a cute favor that will not be wanted or appreciated.

The baby shower party favor will take a 1st class trip to the garbage can when your guest arrives home if it is not wanted.

Here is a list of fun and unique favors that can be both fun to give and receive. Have some great baby shower ideas? You can share them with us here.

Homemade Baby Shower Favors:

Cheap Baby Shower Favors:

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