Baby Shower Food And Time

by Victoria
(Windsor, Ont. Canada)

I am planning a baby shower for my son's girlfriend. I want to have it around 3 pm. I don't know whether it is best to have buffet style finger food, appetizer stuff or a sit down meal. Also, do I do games first and then meal (especially if it is a sit down meal)? If I have appetizers and finger foods, do I do the games during or after? This is the first time that I have had to do a baby shower.


Our Answer:

Hi Victoria,

The time you picked for the baby shower is in between the lunch and dinner times, so either choice is perfect. I would think about the type of food you want to serve and how formal you want to make the baby shower.

Just make sure you give good selection on the types of food you are serving for those who would like a healthier option (like salad and fruit).

A good rule of thumb for whether you need a sit down meal or not would be...
if you need a knife to eat the food, it needs to be a sit down meal. So, if the foods that you would like to use need a knife, you will need enough tables and chairs for everyone to sit down.

Otherwise, make sure there are enough chairs for your guests and some sturdy plates so they can comfortably eat the food.

There is no concrete rule on the order for the baby shower. Most baby showers do the games first, opening of the presents next and then the food last.

If you have a buffet style meal, you can also let your guests eat right before or during the present opening. You can also have some snacks set around the room for guests to enjoy during the games and then have them eat after.

The formal sit down meal will not be much different. Start with games, and then eat before or after the gifts. You can also have them eat in the beginning, allowing everyone to show up before you start.

Try not to stress too much on the order, just plan for an icebreaker activity when they arrive and 2-3 games. If you have not downloaded our baby shower planning guide yet, it might really help you prepare.

The most important thing to do is to enjoy yourself!! Good luck planning the shower!

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Help with Food
by: Nisha-Editor

Hi there,

As the hostess of the party, the food is part of your gift to the new mom. It is generally your responsibility to provide the food for the guests gathering to celebrate the new baby. If you have a small budget, limiting it to a few desserts and water with fruit slices in it (very refreshing) is a great way to stay within your budget and create an enjoyable environment for your guests.

That being said, if you have a close friend that you know will be happy to help, you can ask her to help make some food so you are not overburdened with all the tasks of being a hostess. Hope that helps! Best of luck with the baby shower.

asking for help with food
by: Anonymous

Help! I am hosting a shower in a few weeks. Is it okay for me to ask other ladies to help with the food? I am on a small budget. Or should I simply serve cake? Thank you.

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