Baby Shower For Inlaws

by Robin

I was asked to give a shower (for my daughter) with my daughter's sister-in-law for my daughter's husband's family. Am I obligated to host a shower for the in-laws?

Our Answer:

Hi Robin,

Thanks for your etiquette question. You are never "obligated" to host a baby shower if you do not want to. Most likely she is contacting you because she needs help and figures since you are the grandmother to be that you would be willing to do so. She is putting you in an interesting position, but I don't think it was necessarily done on purpose.

I don't know her reasons for not asking his mother to help with the hosting, or if this is the only baby shower that is going to be thrown for your daughter or not.

It is my personal opinion that the baby shower should be opened up to more than just his side of the family if they are asking you to help host. You shouldn't have to be paying for a party just for the in-laws when the whole family can be involved.

If you decide to help host the baby shower, perhaps you can suggest it be a combined family baby shower, so your side can also enjoy the celebration.

If it were my daughter, I would want to be involved in any way I possibly could, just to show my support and love for her. But it would be really nice if they could open up the party to guests from your side of the family too.

I hope that helps. Good Luck!

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I agree
by: Anonymous

If you are helping, you should be able to invite your side of the family too. If I were you, I would put something together for your side of the family. ;)

Is there one on your side?
by: Anonymous

Is there a baby shower on your side yet? If I helped, it would be on the condition that the party is opened up to both sides of the family. It should be something that involves both sides of the family if the hostesses are from both sides of the family (in my opinion). If she refused, it would be the perfect time to put one together one for your side if there isn't one already.

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