Baby Shower Gift

by Leslie
(Santa Rosa, CA)

I am hosting a baby shower for my sister, I have given her all of my baby items i.e. crib, stroller, playpen etc. My question is, do I still get her a baby shower gift if I am hosting the shower?

Our Answer:

Hi Leslie,

What a lucky sister you have!! You have stocked her up with baby supplies AND you are giving her a baby shower! That is very generous of you.

As far as an additional gift from you, as the hostess, it is not required. As a hostess, your gift to her is the baby shower. That in itself is a wonderful gift.

If you feel you want to give more than that, there are a few games and centerpieces that can also double as gifts.

The memory game, where a tray is brought out with baby items on it can be given to the mom to be afterward. A diaper cake, towel cake or other centerpieces from our centerpiece gallery can be used as decorations and then given as a gift afterwards.

Then there are the guessing games. One of which they guess how many candies are in the baby bottle, another is to guess the type of baby food. Both of those can be given to the mom to be afterwards.

These are just ideas if you would like to give something additional to your sister beyond the baby shower. But it definitely is not a requirement.

You are a great sister. Good luck planning the baby shower!

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Use supplies as your decorations
by: Carrie

Here's an idea for you. When I threw a baby shower, I got one of those big boxes of diapers and used it in the decorations. I used it for a diaper cake and diaper wreath. It worked perfectly for decorations, and then I gave it to her afterwards to use for her baby. Another cute thing I did was made a clothesline onesie station. I had all kinds of iron ons and fabric paints and patterns for the guests to use. When we were done, we hung them up to dry. The decorations were simply precious, and I loved that they were useful after the shower was over.

Thank You!
by: Hannah

This is my first baby shower and I did not know what to expect from it. It might seem it is common sense that the hostess's gift is the "baby shower", but it was not common knowledge to me before reading this question. Thank you for explaining that to me so I don't act ungrateful for all of the hard work my hostess has put in on my behalf.

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