Baby Shower Helpers

by Margo
(San Diego)

I am planning a baby shower and four people are helping me. The guest of honor thinks she should give thank you gifts to the helpers, such as a $50 gift certificates to a department store. Should she give the thank you gifts or should I? Is that an appropriate amount?

Our Answer:


Thank you for your baby shower etiquette question.

The whole purpose of the celebration is to shower the new mommy with gifts. Her spending a large sum to thank the hostesses detracts from the whole purpose. I know she is meaning well, and it is very sweet that she is so thoughtful.

I always recommend that thank you gifts to the hostess(es) are nice but not required. A heartfelt thank you note would work just as well as a small gift would.

I personal feel (and this is my own personal opinion) she should not go over $10 each for a thank you gift or certificate. There is no set dollar amount to spend according to etiquette guidelines, so if she does end up purchasing the $50 gift certificates, she has not crossed etiquette boundaries doing so.

Now, as far as giving gifts to the helpers as the main hostess, this is also something that is not required for you to do. If you would like to say thank you to them, you could save a baby shower favor for each and write them a thank you note to go with it. But an additional thank you gift is not necessary for you to do.

I hope this helps. Good luck planning the shower!

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