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Cute Baby Shower Supplies

Find the best prices on baby shower supplies by knowing where to look. Check out our favorite list online stores for the best deals!.

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DIY Dessert Table Backdrop

Need a clean backdrop for your food tables? This tutorial will help you create an inexpensive and beautiful backdrop for your party decor!

food and dessert tables with diy backdrops

It is really easy to make and the best part?? It breaks down for easy transport and storage. :)

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Diaper Stroller

I just put together a fun tutorial to share with you today! How to make a diaper stroller.

blue and green whale diaper stroller

This baby gift is so cute and a fun way to give baby supplies to a new mom. Enjoy!

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Strawberry Shortcake Parfaits

Looking for a fun summer dessert to serve to your friends? These strawberry shortcakes are perfect!

strawberry shortcake

Make the layers ahead of time and layer cups a little before the party. So yummy!

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Nutella Cheesecake Dip

It is summertime and we have been on the look out for delicious recipes to use at baby showers.


Here is a recipe we just love! Nutella Cheesecake Dip! Nutella and cheesecake flavors are combined for an amazing dip! This is one you HAVE to try. :)

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Baby Leg Warmers

A practical gift for any baby, leg warmers keep baby's legs warm and covered for when they start crawling. And it is a lot easier to change diapers with them. ;)

babies wearing diy leg warmers

I put together a tutorial to help you make a pair or two for your favorite baby. Enjoy!

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Make a BabyTutu

A fun baby shower gift would be to make a baby tutu. They are great for pictures and really easy to customize!

baby wearing blue, pink and purple tutu

I've put together a quick tutorial that has "no sewing" involved!

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Giveaways- Win Free Stuff

Our giveaway page for contests.

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Baby Shower Decor Idea: Crepe Ruffled Streamers

Transform traditional crepe paper streamers into a beautiful ruffled backdrop for your baby shower. It is really simple to do and a great way to make your budget stretch.

crepe paper ruffles

Check out our tutorial to find out how!

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Smores Bars

I can't say enough good things about this new recipe! Smores without all the mess! Melted chocolate and marshmallow sandwiched in between a soft graham cracker cookie. Pure heaven!

smores bars

I love that it is made in the oven. I think it tastes way better than the traditional smores! ;) You have got to try it!

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Ikebana Cherry Blossom Baby Shower

Maria's best friends threw her a beautiful ikebana cherry blossom baby shower recently and she sent it in to share with us! I think my favorite part is the hand painted wall art.

ikebana cherry baby shower

Fabulous! There are lots of fun hand made elements. Check out to get the full details!

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Owl Diaper Animal

Debra sent in this adorable owl diaper animal she made. Isn't is cute?! She actually made it for a guy friend who was going to a baby shower at Hooters!

owl diaper animal

How awesome is that! Great job Debra. Thanks so much for sharing it with us!

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Rustic Baby Shower

I threw a rustic "sip and see" baby shower last week for my sister-in-law.

It was fun to pull the decorations together for the party. The guest of honor was the most adorable part!!

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How to Make a Burlap Baby Shower Wreath

Have you ever seen those cute baby shower wreaths that are hung on the doors or used as decorations? Love them! Guess what?! They are not that hard to make.

burlap baby shower wreath

I put together a tutorial for a burlap baby shower wreath to share with you. Now you can easily make an adorable wreath to welcome your guests.Check it out! :-)

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No Fuss Sugar Cookies

I've been searching for a while for a sugar cookie recipe that was easy to put together and that had a great taste. I have FINALLY found it! It doesn't get easier than this... mix, press into the pan and bake!

easy sugar cookies

No chilling, no rolling, no adjusting the flour until the texture is right. And the taste is perfect! It is chewy and has lots of flavor. You gotta try it. :)

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