Which Kind Of Baby Shower Invitation Is Right For You?

pink baby shower invitation with brown mommy silhouette
brown baby shower invitation with cream striped mommy and baby elephants and heart
blue baby shower invitation with brown border and white mommy silhouette

The baby shower invitation is the first glimpse your guest has of the baby shower. The first impression is a very important one.

Make sure that your guests are greeted with something that will make them want to take the time to come to the baby shower. Not run the other way!

Formal vs. Informal:

Decide upfront what kind of invitation you will be sending. The type of invitation will give your guests an idea of what will be expected at the party.

A proper sit down meal will require a formal invitation. A laid back baby shower with creative elements would be represented well with an informal invitation.

Formal Invitations-

Informal Invitations-

Types of Invitations:

Custom- With custom invitations, you place an order with a printing shop or online store to make your invitations.

You are able to customize the wording, choose the background, and the theme. Most shops have a huge selection of cards and are pretty competitive on pricing. They take all of the hassle out of the invitations. Just make sure you order them ahead of time so there is no stress of a time crunch.

My 2 favorite places to get online invitations are tiny prints and vista print . They both have adorable designs and great prices. Both places allow you to customize your order to say anything you want. You will be surprised how much you can get on any budget!

Here are some of our favorite invitations you can purchase to go with different kinds of baby showers. Enjoy!

Generic- Generic invitations are pre-printed out. They are available at grocery stores, craft stores, or on the internet. They leave blanks on the invitation to be filled out easily.

Printed- Using any processing program or print shop, you can easily print out invitations from your home computer. You can print on normal paper and glue it to the background paper that you wish to use. Or you can print it on card stock to give it a heavier, more refined look.

Novelty- These types of invitations are fun to give and fun to receive. They give a fresh, creative twist to the baby shower. You can use almost anything that is related to your theme. Just twist the wording to go with the item and theme.

To look at how to word an invitation, take a look at invitation wording.

The etiquette on invitations can be a little hard to figure out. Visit invitation etiquette for great information on the etiquette involved.

Need a little help finding your creative ideas? Sometimes it's hard to get started. Jump start your ideas by visiting handmade invitations for ideas, pictures, and instructions on unique and fun invitations.

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