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Plan Your Baby Shower Pictures -
And Record the Shower in Time

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Why take baby shower pictures?

Planning the perfect baby shower can be both rewarding and fun. But sharing your greatest moment as a hostess helps it be remembered for years to come.

Too many hostesses put so much work into creating a beautiful and memorable baby shower, but have nothing to show for it when it is done.

Pictures say a thousand words. They are a great way to remember your hard work, all of the little details, the guests, the games, and the mom to be.

But with all the details involved with being a hostess, if it is not planned for, the most important part of the special day can go to the back burner.

This section is to help prepare you to take fabulous pictures and easily share them with your shower guests.

Here are some ideas of pictures you can take before the shower begins...

Once the party begins, if you are the main hostess, delegate a hostess or guests to take the pictures so you can focus on running the shower.

Some pictures to take during the party are:
Picture Taking Tips:

I know they might sound silly, but they are mistakes that most of us have made, so I will go over them anyways. :)

Watch your finger!! You can easily cover the camera lens or the flash with a wandering finger. Keep your fingers out of the way.

Hold the camera steady. Some people have a tendency to move the camera as they push the button to take the picture. If you know you are an offender, steady the camera with your other hand or use a camera stand.

Remember the 2/3rds rule with photos. Photos in which the subject is slightly off center are more attractive than square in front of the camera.

Free Ways To Share The Baby Shower Pictures:

Here are a few free finds by the photo industry leaders to help you take fabulous pictures and easily share them with others. Each of these programs has web galleries in which you can upload your photos to share with friends and family.

Picasa- this is a free program by Google that helps you crop, edit, resize, and optimize(make them smaller to upload) your photos for the web. Once you have created fabulous photos, you can share them with others through Picasa's web album. (Picasa is part of the Google pack, so you can choose to download it by itself or add other cool free programs to the download like Google earth, Firefox and more.)

Shutterfly-Well-known for cheap online printing, it is a great place to upload photos to share, store and print out. You can even create a website just for the baby and share photos from the baby shower for all to see! How cool is that?! They will even give you 50 free prints just for joining.

Shutterfly 50 Free Prints

Picaboo- Is another well known place for photo uploading and sharing. You can make cards, calendars, photo books or print with their online website. ;)

Create a baby journal-Create a baby story time line for the mom to be and the guests. You can upload pictures from the pregnancy, how the happy couple met, pictures of the ultrasound, shower and the new arrival when the baby comes.

orward the link to family and friends and they can make comments and well wishes. It is a fabulous way to bring people together, especially if some friends and family live far away.

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