Baby Shower Toasts

by Wendy R.
(Calgary, Alberta)

I will be hosting a baby shower at a restaurant. Should I make a toast to the mother-to-be? If so, any ideas?

Thanks for any help.

Our Answer:


Toasts are generally seen at Weddings, but I see no problem with toasting a new mom at a restaurant baby shower. Since the baby shower is a celebration of life, a toast could be a nice touch to add to the celebration.

Whether you decide to do a toast or not, you should take some time to thank everyone for coming to the party and let the expecting mom know how excited you are about the new baby coming to their family.

If you want to add more to it, here are a few ideas for you:

Keep the toast genuine and sincere. A lot of times, toasts start with a personal phrase, have a little humor in it and end with everyone raising a glass to the future mother or family. You can give wishes for their new family and the future, quote a baby poem or thought, or any heartfelt thoughts.

Some wish ideas could include:

May your arms and hearts always be full
May your homes be full of laughter and sunshine
May your children grow with wisdom and love
May your house be a house of love and forgiveness

We have a selection of different baby quotes that also might be useful as you put your toast together.

Try not to stress too much about memorizing the toast. Keep it simple and heartfelt and you will do great!

Good Luck!

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Keep it simple
by: Darlene

I would just thank everyone for coming to the baby shower and mention how excited you are for the new baby coming to the family. It doesn't need to be anything fancy. You can say something about how long you've known the mom to be and something you respect or admire about her, but I wouldn't plan to say anything too drawn out or boring. Just something short and sweet and to the point. ;) What matters is that you are acknowledging both the guests and mom to be and sharing your love and well wishes. Good luck!

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