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Stretch Your Brain With The Baby Shower Trivia Game!

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Ready for some trivia?

Using a baby shower trivia game for your upcoming baby shower can be a no-brainer.

With these great ideas, you can put together a trivia game for your guests that will stretch their brains, and maybe even their IQ!

Learn fun facts while you put your custom trivia game together.

Use all kinds of great baby and family facts that might leave even the most seasoned parents scratching their heads.

Stump them all and have a ball!

Baby Shower Trivia Game List:

What did he/she say trivia gum game-

Ask the daddy questions about raising kids. In this baby shower trivia game, the mommy will be put on the spot to try and give the answer he might have given. If she gets the question wrong, she has to chew a piece of gum.

You can also give her a prize if she gets questions right. At the end of the game, she will most likely have a mouth full of gum and a lot to discuss on raising kids with the daddy.

Baby Trivia-

Put questions together on facts related to babies. Pass the list around and have everyone guess what the answers are. The person who gets the most answers correct wins.

Click here for a trivia game you can download.

Parenting Trivia-

List questions related to parenting on a piece of paper. It can be about growth facts, home remedies, learning milestones, etc.

Variation- Do a trivia about first aid. You can ask questions on fevers, burns, bites, CPR, etc.

Who knows mommy best? -

In this baby shower trivia game, the guests will find out how well they really know the mommy. Come up with questions about the mom that not everyone would know from just meeting her.

Some good questions might be (who was her first kiss), (what was her favorite singing group in high school), (what did she want to be when she grew up), etc. The person who gets the most answers correct wins a prize.

New Parents Trivia-

This baby shower trivia game is great for a couples shower. Make 2 separate trivia question sheets for the mom and dad to answer. The questions will be related to raising kids and how they plan to discipline them.

When they are done answering the questions go over them to see how well they agree with each other. They might be a little surprised on how different they view things.

Couple Trivia-

Put together questions on the new parents-to-be. You can have questions about how they met, what is their song, pet names they call each other, etc. The person with the most correct answers wins.

Celebrity Baby Trivia-

Celebrities can pick the craziest names to name their children!

Quiz the guests to see if they can match up the celebrity baby to the correct mommy. The person who guesses the most correct will win a prize.

Examples: Gwyneth Paltrow= Apple; Courtney Cox= Coco

Nursery Rhyme Trivia-

Put together questions related to children's nursery rhymes. Some example questions could be...What couldn't Jack Sprat eat? Who was the black sheep saving his wool for? How many blackbirds were baked in the pie? What did the cow jump over? The person who guesses the most correct answers wins.

Cartoon Trivia-

How well do your guests know cartoons? The parents with young kids will probably excel at this game!

Ask questions on cartoon characters. You can take them from TV or from movies. (Examples: Where does Winnie the Pooh live? Who is Pinocchio's conscience? Name the seven dwarfs. What is the name of the robot maid on The Jetsons?)

Families on TV-
This trivia game is about TV families. By using a good mix of older and newer TV programs you can be sure to cover shows most people know.

Variation- Have your guests answer questions on movie families.

Name that mommy-
Using real or fictional mothers, have guests try to

determine the famous moms using a series of hints.

Examples of people to use: Mother Theresa, Princess Diana, Wilma Flintstone, Barbara Bush, Peg Bundy, Carol Brady, etc.

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