Baby Things Shower

by Christy

I once went to a party many years ago where the menu was baby carrots, and other baby food kind of things.

I really want go with the baby things as my theme can you please help.

Our Answer:

Hi Christy,

What a great idea for a baby shower. This is what we came up with to help you plan it. Good Luck with the planning!

Baby Things Shower Decorations-

Decorate the room with pastel baby colors. Use pastel balloons as a decoration around the room and tie them down to baby items as weights.

For a table centerpiece you can do a gift basket of baby items in it.(Use the same gift basket for the memory game below!)

Since it is on baby things, you really have an open slate for designs.

Baby Things Shower Games-

Baby Trivia- give your guests a fun trivia game to see how much they really know about babies!

Pregnancy Candy Bar Match up- Play a fun pregnancy match up game with your guests. They will need to match up pregnancy terms with candy bar names. Lots of fun!

You can also take the list I provided and turn it into a concentration game. When a person matches up the pictures from the list, they get the candy bar that goes with it.

Taste Test Game- Take the wrappers off of 5 baby food jars. Label the fronts 1-5 with a marker. Give everyone plastic spoons
to taste the baby food and guess the flavor. The person who guesses the most correctly wins a prize.

Baby Items Memory Game- Have someone bring out a basket of baby items for the guests to look at. The guests will automatically assume it is the traditional baby items game.

Have the person take the basket away after a set time and leave the room. Then ask the group what the person was wearing. (or if you would like try something a little harder like...what was missing or different about the person.)

You could set this up with wearing 2 different kinds of shoes or having one earring missing. The person that guesses correctly
gets a prize.

Baby Things Shower Food-

Create a fabulous meal for your guests out of baby or "miniature" foods. Some ideas to use could be baby carrots, baby corn, mini sandwiches, mini cupcakes, baby spinach salad, pigs in a blanket, mini pickle roll ups, baby potatoes, baby shrimp and mini quiche.

Baby Things Shower Prizes-

Use the same candy bars as in the pregnancy match up game as prizes to the guests. Place each candy bar in a paper bag and staple the top. On the outside, put the pregnancy term from the game. The answer on the inside will be the type of candy bar.

Baby Things Shower Favors-

Mini baby bottles are a perfect party favor to use for your guests. Fill them with pastel mints, jelly beans or pacifier candies.

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