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A baby trivia game combines cute baby facts with head scratching questions to give eyebrow lifting results.

Use this trivia quiz for an upcoming baby shower or a girls get together. This trivia game will test the skills of even the savviest baby guru.

Baby Trivia Questions

1. Babies recognize its mother's voice at birth, how long does it take a baby to recognize its father's voice?

A. 30 minutes
B. 7 days
C. 24 hours
D. 14 days
E. 1 month

2. How many is the most surviving children from a single birth?

A. 10 children
B. 8 children
C. 15 children
D. 6 children
E. 12 children

3. When does a baby get its fingerprints?

A. shortly after birth
B. as a three month fetus
C. as a six month fetus
D. after it is three months old

4. In Turkish Tradition, a pregnant woman is not allowed to do any of the following except...

A. Look at a monkey
B. Chew Gum
C. Look at beautiful people
D. Attend a funeral
E. Eat fish

5. How many average diapers will a child go through from birth to being potty trained?

A. 20,000 diapers
B. 7,000-9,000 diapers
C. 12,000-15,000 diapers

6. In England, a pacifier is also known as…

A. a sucky
B. a binky
C. a dummy
D. a mouthy thingy thing

7. In Jewish Tradition, what cannot be done before a baby is born?

A. Buy baby gifts
B. Choose a baby name
C. Celebrate Hanukkah

8. Which of the following is not a natural born reflex of a baby?

A. Sucking
B. Fanning toes out when touched
C. Flinging out arms as a jolt
D. Rolling Over

9. How many years does it take a diaper to decompose?

A. 15 years
B. 120 years
C. 500 years

10. What is the average amount of diapers a newborn goes through in one day?

A. 3-6
B. 20-25
C. 8-12

11. The old wives tale birth prediction states you should do what with a wedding ring?

A. Put it under the mattress before bringing the pregnant woman into the room- the side of the bed the pregnant woman sits on will determine the gender.
B. Put it on cheesecloth and pour goat's milk through it into a glass. The milk will taste sweet if it is a girl and bitter if it is a boy.
C. Suspend it on a string over the pregnant woman's hand. The direction it swings will determine the gender.

12. What can a baby do up until 7 months that an adult cannot?

A. Cross its eyes while sticking out its tongue
B. Breathe and swallow at the same time
C. Curl up into a ball and suck its thumb

13. How many other people does the average child share his/her birthday with?

A. 1 Billion
B. 225 Million
C. 300,000
D. 9 Million

14. What is a diaper called in South Africa?

A. Nappy
B. Dispenser
C. Disposable

15. During pregnancy how much larger does a woman's uterus stretch?

A. 500 times its normal size
B. 200 times its normal size
C. 40 times its normal size
D. 100 times its normal size

16. In England, when a person says they will "knock you up in the morning" it means:

A. They will knock on your door in the morning.
B. You will get pregnant in the morning.
C. You will get beat up in the morning.

17. A newborn should be given a sponge bath until what happens?

A. He/She turns 6 months and can sit up properly.
B. The baby likes taking baths.
C. The umbilical cord falls off.

18. A baby is born around the world...

A. Every three seconds
B. Every twenty seconds
C. Every minute
D. Every 20 seconds

19. A baby should be seated in a rear child car seat until:

A. the baby turns one and weighs at least 20 pounds
B. the baby turns 2 and has reached the weight limit for the rear facing car seat
C. the baby weighs 15-20 pounds and is at least 36 inches tall

20. The average toddler will take how many steps a minute?

A. 100 steps
B. 550 steps
C. 75 steps
D. 176 steps
E. 220 steps

Trivia Game Answers:

1. D. 14 days , 2. B. 8 children, 3. B. as a three month fetus, 4. C. look at beautiful people(Turkish tradition was very strict. They felt that doing or looking at anything unpleasant in society's eyes would cause harm to the baby.), 5. B. 7,000-9,000 diapers, 6. C. a dummy(They call it a dummy because you put it in the baby's mouth to "dummy" it up.), 7. A. buy baby gifts, 8. D. rolling over, 9. C. 500 years, 10. C. 8-12, 11. C. Suspend a string over a woman's hand. The direction it swings will determine the gender. (The first answer is actually a variation of what they do in South America. The second answer was totally made up. The last one is correct), 12. B. breathe and swallow at the same time, 13. D. 9 million, 14. C. Disposable (A nappy is a diaper in England. A disposable is a diaper in South Africa. A dispenser, well, dispenses things., 15. A. 500 times its normal size (No, you did not read that wrong! The uterus stretches an enormous 500 times its normal size during pregnancy.), 16. A. They will knock on your door in the morning. ("Knock you up" is a term that is used in England to mean knocking on your door. If you hear this term, please do not slap the person who said it!), 17. C. The umbilical cord falls off., 18. A. every three seconds, 19. B. the baby turns 2 and has reached the weight limit for the rear facing car seat (A. was correct until 2011-when The American Association of Pediatrics amended the policy to raise the age and weight limit of rear facing children), 20. D 176 steps

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