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Baby Shower Hostess Gifts

movie basket filled with gifts for a baby shower hostess
Are you looking for ideas for the perfect baby shower hostess gifts?

You just had a fabulous baby shower. Your hostess took care of everything. From the delicious food, to the perfect games and those extra special touches.

You know she spent lots of time making everything perfect for you. You would like to do something for her to say thank you, but are not sure what.

Your hostess gave you a fabulous gift, your baby shower. A perfect way to say thank you back to her is a heartfelt thank you note.

If you would like to get a baby shower gift for your hostess(es), keep it simple and from the heart.

Think about her personality and what she would really enjoy. You can also put together a gift basket of something to help relax or pamper her. Since it wasn't expected, she will be really touched!

Ideas for Great Baby Shower Hostess Gifts

Gift basket Ideas for a Hostess Gift:

Relaxation- candles, a cd, aromatherapy bath gel and bubble bath.

Chocolate Lovers- lots of chocolate! It could be chocolate covered strawberries, cookies, brownies, cake, or ice cream.

Cooking- a cook book, ingredients for a meal with a recipe card, or some cooking supplies

Pamper Me- a gift certificate for a pedicure or manicure at a local salon.

Coffee Lovers- biscotti cookies, gourmet coffee, a cute mug, different flavored syrups, and creamer.

Decor- vinyl sayings for her wall, a cute decorative pillow or wall hanging

Movie Lovers- microwave popcorn, candy and a gift certificate to blockbuster.

The Thoughtful Basket- a journal, fancy pen and pretty stationary

Your baby shower hostess gift does not have to be expensive to show your appreciation. A good price range would be anywhere from $10-$40. Best of luck choosing the perfect gift!

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