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The Perfect Way to Announce Your Baby!

Let's face it; your kids are just too cute to keep to yourself! And I don't blame you. I think my kids are cute, too! ;)

So what is the best way to share your joys in the baby's arrival? A Birth announcement!

In most cases, if you have family or friends that live far away, they end up missing out on special moments...like a baby shower or birth of a new baby.

The perfect way to connect with those loved ones is a birth announcement. This is a quick and easy way for a new mom-to-be to let all of her friends and family know the baby has arrived.

After my babies were born, I was in need of some rest and relaxation. I had a long list of people who wanted to know right when the baby was born.

Making the calls was exhausting and stressful for me. My best advice for anyone who had a long delivery and was exhausted...let hubby call those on the urgent list. Then send announcements to everyone so you have time to sleep and enjoy your little one.

Making or Buying Your Announcements

There are so many trendy and fun announcements out there to purchase or make from home. If you are handy with scrapbooking or computer programs, you can whip up really cute announcements for relatively cheap.

My two favorite stores to get announcements are tiny prints and vista print . They both have beautiful designs that can be used with or without photos.

Birth Announcement Wording Ideas

When wording the announcement, there is some basic information to include on the invitation, such as the ...

Family's Name
Baby's Name
Date and Time Born
Weight and length

The wording is usually simple, leaving the attention drawn to the cute pictures. Here are some phrases that are commonly used on birth announcements...

Announcement Poems

Tiny hands and tiny feet
Someone new for you to meet

Our Family Has Grown
By Two (Four) Feet!

A Baby Is A Blessing
A Gift From Above
A Precious Little Angel
To Cherish and Love

Need more help with wording ideas? Visit our page of sample wording ideas page. If you have wording ideas for a announcement or have made your own, you can share your pictures and ideas with our website here. Best Wishes for your new baby!

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