Buying A Baby Shower Gift For Someone Who Has Everything

by Auntie
(Green, SC)

I am not close to my sister-in-law at all. In fact, I don't really think she likes me. This will be my only niece or nephew. I feel that I have to do something and would like to. The problem is her family is extremely wealthy, millionaires many times over. I would not be able to give her what she is accustom to, or may want.

What can I possibly do to help out? Offering to help around the house clean-up/set-up is out of the question. They have servants and a full staff that serves each in every guest along with a chef and bartenders for drinks.

Homemade party favors or gifts for the guests is out of the question. They give lavish expensive gifts to each guest.

I do however feel the need to assist with something for my niece or nephew, I feel that my brother would want this.

Proud to be an real aunt for the very first time, I'm in my late forties (40).

Our Answer:


Thank you for your etiquette question. Knowing what to get someone who already has everything is hard. And attending a baby shower with the wealthy friends could really make you feel out of place.

You know the personalities of your brother and sister in law best, and if they will be understanding to your gift and your circumstances. The fact that you feel your sister in law does not like you can make you feel even more awkward when it comes to opening the gifts.

Your heart is in the right place so don't dis pair! I happen to be researching celebrity baby showers right now. I have been seeing some trends with the rich and famous that might help a little with your gift selection.

The gifts that are given at celebrity baby showers are either sentimental or name brand.

1. Celebrity Baby Items- The celebrities, or wealthy for that matter, have certain name brands that they buy each other. They come with a costly price tag, but if you are smart, you can pick up an item that is within your price range at a brand that is well known.

If your sister in law has a certain celebrity that she likes it is also a bonus to get something that the celebrity also has. Here is a link to a video that describes some of the things the celebrities buy and who has it. If your budget is $30-40 you can pick up a name brand blanket, pair of booties, onesie or Trumpette socks. They give a link to a store, but it is just one of the celebrity stores out there. If you know a certain celebrity that she likes, you can Google the name with a plus sign and purse or diaper bag or baby items to find what they have.

If you think she is into "who has it" you can ask the store for a list of celebrities that own it to give it some wow factor.

2. Sentimental- Sentimental gifts are usually given to close friends so I am not sure you want to go this route with your sister in law. If you are close to your brother you can give him a sentimental gift for being a first time dad. You can also name a star after the child.

Best Of Luck with choosing the perfect gift!

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