Cake for Baby Shower

by Lisa
(Lake Charles, LA)

baby shower cakes

Is chocolate cake OK for a baby shower? I spoke to a friend and she said a yellow cake is proper, is this correct?

Our Answer:

Hi Lisa,

There are no baby shower etiquette rules regarding the type of cake served at a baby shower. Perhaps your friend was raised in an area that strictly used yellow cake as a tradition. Or maybe she learned to use it from her mom or grandma. But the current etiquette rules do not require that you use a specific cake at the baby shower.

If you take a look at our baby shower cake gallery, you will see lots of different kinds of cakes used at baby showers, with lots of different flavors. Most of the cakes are covered in frosting so there is no way to know the flavor until you cut into it.

The flavor of cake and frosting you use at the baby shower is just a preference. I personally would take chocolate cake over yellow, but that's just because I love chocolate. :-)

Good luck with the shower!

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Ask the mom-to-be
by: Anonymous

Ask the mom-to-be what kind of cake she would like at the baby shower. I wouldn't worry too much about etiquette on the type of cake you are serving. The mom-to-be's opinion is the only one that matters. So if she wants chocolate, give her chocolate. ;) No one would argue with her on that one! lol!

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