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How to Make a Candy Pacifier Necklace

candy pacifier necklaces

The Candy Pacifier Necklace Idea Was Submitted By Amanda N. From Riverside, California

To make these candy necklaces, you will need approximately 30 white lifesavers and 15 colored jelly beans.

Place one lifesaver on top of another lifesaver like a "t" and glue together , then place a jelly bean on top of the lifesaver (on top of the "t") and glue.

Place a ribbon through the loop of the other lifesaver and you have a great party favor for the baby game.

Thanks for the great idea Amanda!

We've added some step by step pictures to help you make this baby shower craft.

To make a pacifier necklace:

You will need:

Creating your pacifier necklace:

Using a small frosting tip, fill one side of a lifesaver with royal icing.

adding icing to lifesavor for candy pacifier

Add the other lifesaver by placing it in the icing to create a "T" shape.

connecting pacifiers together for necklace

Let dry. Fill the other side of original lifesaver with icing. Stick a jellybean in the center of the icing and let dry overnight. Cut ribbon to a necklace length and attach through the remaining lifesaver hole.

adding jelly bean to candy pacifier

In the pictures, I show both large and smaller jelly beans. I think the larger jelly beans look more realistic, but the smaller (Jelly Belly) are also really yummy to use. ;)

different candy pacifier sizes

The royal icing is great to use because it is both edible and very strong.

Royal Icing Recipe :

  • 1 large egg white (To skip the microwaving step, use powdered meringue in place of egg white.)
  • 1 1/2 cups of powdered sugar.

Blend egg white with 2/3 cup of powdered sugar. Then place bowl in microwave and heat for 30-60 seconds (to kill bacteria and make safe for eating). Check temp - it must be at least 160 degrees and not more than 175 degrees.

Add remaining powdered sugar. Blend on high until it creates peaks.(If necessary, add more powdered sugar or water to get the consistency right. )

Different Candy Pacifier Necklace Variations:

If you would like to give you candy necklace a different look, here are some additional ideas to use. Instead of using a jelly bean, you can try using a gumdrop, lemon drop, or Mike and Ike candy. In place of the top lifesaver, you can use a colored candy melt wafer.

~ Pacifier baby shower craft photo shared by: ~

~ Linda E. from Fayetteville, Tenn. USA ~

baby candy pacifiers for shower
Lifesaver Candy Pacifiers

I made these pacifiers out of life savers and jelly beans for my granddaughter's baby shower. Everyone loved it. I also made a cake out of diapers.

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