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A Candy Sundae Centerpiece Idea

3 candy bouquet sundaes red and blue, red and white and green and blue

~ This candy sundae centerpiece was submitted to our website by Jeraya D. of wrapped4theoccasion.~

This fun and delicious candy centerpiece is a tasty treat to use at baby showers and mommy get-togethers. It could also double as an ultimate party prize to make the games a little more competitive.

Materials needed for this centerpiece idea:

  • 1 glass
  • 3-4 bags of candy
  • 1 straw
  • Hot glue gun
  • Styrofoam ball
  • 1 bamboo skewer
  • 1 plastic spoon (optional)

Step 1-- Buy a Styrofoam ball that is 1 inch bigger than the sundae glass. Example... If you have a 5 inch wide glass buy a 6 inch ball you want the ball to overlap the glass.

Step 2-- Cut ball in half. You only need to use half.

purple and white candy sundae bouquet

Step 3-- Fill the sundae glass with candy of your choice.

Step 4-- Glue the ball half to glass using hot glue gun.

Step 5-- Glue candy to ball starting at the bottom and work your way around. For each row place candy as if you are putting shingles on a roof.

Step 6--Cut a bamboo skewer in half. You need about 6 inches push down in to sundae leaving 3 inch visible to put straw on cut stray tip the same as skewer and place on the skewer.

Step 7--Complete the sundae by placing a red lollipop in the center and adding the tip of a plastic spoon (optional).

Extra Tip: I attached the candy to the styrofoam ball using a hot glue gun but straight pins work well also but I don't recommend doing so if the centerpieces will be used around children.

fed and white mint candy topiary purple and green candy centerpieces blue and red candy sundae centerpiece

Thank you Jeraya for sharing your fabulous candy centerpiece instructions with us!

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