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A Yummy Candy Topiary for Your Table Centerpiece!

candy corn topiary bouquet with mellow creme pumpkins

A fun candy topiary will draw lots of attention for your next baby shower or Halloween party. By using candy corn and other Halloween favorites, you can make a yummy bouquet for everyone to enjoy!

How to Make a Candy Topiary

You will need the following ingredients :
supplies to make candy topiary bouquet

To start out, add your filler to the bottom of your container to add extra weight. The topiary will be top heavy if the base is does not have enough weight to equal out. I used decorative glass beads inside the pot, but you can use practically anything because it will be covered with the Styrofoam block.

container filled with glass beads for candy topiary

To make your candy bouquet topiary, shave your craft block to fit inside your container. Leave about 1/2 at the top in-between the block and the lip of the container.

styrofoam cut and pushed into container

Using a knife or dowel rod, poke a hole about 1/2 deep into both the craft block and ball. Make it the approximate width of the cinnamon sticks when bundled together. This is where the cinnamon sticks will sit. Place the cinnamon sticks into the hole you created in the ball and use your glue gun to secure it in place.

cinnamon sticks pushed into styrofoam ball

Tie raffia or decorative ribbon around the bundle of cinnamon sticks. Place the cinnamon sticks in the craft block and glue it into place.

cinnamon sticks stem for candy topiary pushed into container base

Push one toothpick through the bottom of a mellowcreme pumpkin candy. Repeat with the rest of the pumpkins.

toothpicks pushed into pumpkin mellowcreme candy

Now you are ready to decorate. Push the toothpicks and pumpkins into the craft ball, leaving spaces in between each pumpkin.

pumpkin mellowcreme candy pushed into topiary ball

Fill in the spaces in-between the pumpkins with candy corn. Push each candy corn, pointed side facing in, into the Styrofoam ball. Fill in the spaces of your bouquet until you can no longer see the ball.

candy corn pushed into styrofoam ball for topiary

Fill the top of your container with candy corn or other Halloween candy.

candy corn filling the remaining space for topiary base

Here is a close up of the finished top of the topiary.

closeup of finished top of candy topiary
Some extra tips:
Good Luck with Your Candy Topiary!

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