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A Casserole Baby Shower - The Yummy Alternative

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What exactly is a Casserole Baby Shower?

This baby shower theme helps provide meals and service for the mommy and the family so they can focus on the baby's needs without neglecting their own.

A casserole baby shower is perfect for

So how do you throw a casserole baby shower? Here are some great ideas to help you get started.

Casserole Baby Shower Invitation Ideas:

Send a recipe card to guests with the invitation.

It is a casserole baby shower! Come help stock the fridge for our busy mommy to be! Just bring a freezer friendly meal to feed a family of 4.

You can also have them pick a date and time to bring over a hot ready-made meal for the family. Put instructions for them to put the recipe they are using on the card so the mom can make it again if she likes it.

An alternative idea is to send out I owe U slips with the invitation. They can be for watching the kids, doing the dishes, bringing over pizza, doing a load of laundry, etc. They can attach the-I owe U to the gift in place of a card or give it to the hostess to make a booklet for the new mommy.

Casserole Baby Shower Activities:

A Creative Cookbook- Have a table set up for the guests to decorate a cookbook for the mommy to be.

Use a card style book that will fit the recipe cards in it.

Place out ribbons, paints, pens, markers and any other items needed to decorate it.

Leave out more recipe cards for the guests that might have forgotten to bring theirs.

Envelope Drawing- Have guests write their names and addresses on blank white envelopes and place in a decorated box or basket.

These envelopes will then be given to the mommy to send out her thank you notes.

You can have a drawing using the envelopes for a door prize.

Baby Shower Games:

What is in the bag? Fill 10 bags full of different white powders. Pass around the room for people to guess what they are.

Here are ten suggestions- baby powder, dry milk, baby formula, flour, sugar salt, cornstarch, baking soda or powder, powdered sugar, and cream of tartar. Just make sure the powder you use is white.

Assembly line race- Break up guests into 2 equal teams-facing each other. Pass out slips to each person for them to choose what they are doing in the assembly line. The team that finishes first wins.

Here are some ideas: Eat a banana and then chew gum and blow a bubble, laugh heartily, pat head and rub stomach while saying something, say a tongue twister 3 times, pick something off the floor with their toes, drink out of a baby bottle-a certain amount (not too much or their cheeks will be hurting), eat 6 marshmallows, jumping jacks, hop on one foot, etc.

Casserole Food Ideas:

Make a casserole and side dishes for your guests. Make sure to have them RSVP so you know how many people you will be accommodating.

Casserole Baby Shower Food Centerpiece:

For a quick creative centerpiece take a pineapple and attach grapes, cherries, melon, and strawberries to it with a skewer. Layer it around the pineapple so that the pineapple skin is no longer showing. You will need to cut the bottom of the pineapple to make it sit flat. This is both beautiful and edible when finished.

Casserole Baby Shower Decorations:

Since food is the main theme of this party, why not decorate with food! Fresh fruit and vegetables can be arranged in baskets and bowls and placed around the room. Add a carrot stick to any pens used. Tape up pictures of food around the room. Spice up the food table by cutting fruit and vegetables with cute cookie cutters or decorative cutting knives.

Place Herbs, spices, cooking items, food processor, blender, mixer, toaster, flowers hanging in bundles, fresh fruit and vegetables around the room to match the food theme.

Gift Ideas-

These ideas can also be placed on the invitation to give the guests choices of what to give the new mom.

A main dish casserole and side dish of rolls, can of green beans and dessert

A gift card that can be used for take out, or an envelope with money in it and selection of a few take-out menus

An "I owe U gift card" for a homemade hot meal whenever the mommy- or family needs it.

Casserole Baby Shower Favors and Prizes- pre-made cookie mixes in jars with recipe on front or cooking stuff- spatulas, measuring cups, spoons, can opener, spices, sugar, flour.

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