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Cool Coed Baby Shower Games

baby boy flexing his arm muscles

What makes coed baby shower games so different from other games?

When inviting men to a baby shower, you will need to adjust your games to involve them in on the fun.

Guys shy away from the traditional baby shower scene of woman telling labor horror stories and opening presents.

By using coed baby shower games, you can involve guys without making anyone feel uncomfortable.

When men are invited you will need to step up the games to an active, fun level.

There are more great coed games that can be used for this kind of baby shower in other game sections.

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Coed Baby Shower Games:

Musical Bottles- This is a fun game to play with guys. This game is played a lot like hot potato. Hand out 3 baby bottles randomly around the room. When you start the music, the guests start passing the bottles around the room.

The people who are holding a bottle when the music stops has to drink the juice from the bottle. The person who finishes their juice first, wins a prize.

A fun gag to play with this game is to seal one of the nipples. No matter how hard that person tries, they will not be able to get any juice out of their bottle. Lol! They will definitely deserve a prize for trying so hard. ;)

Watch this game being played with a twist. The players could not use their hands to hold the bottle while they were drinking it.

This is hilarious to watch! I love all the positions the players try as they drink from the bottles!

Don't Break the Water! - This is a fun coed game that would be great for an outdoor party. Start with a large bucket of water balloons. Have each guests place a water balloon in between their legs and run from one spot to another. The goal is to try to not break their balloon (water) before getting to the end zone (hospital). Create an obstacle course to go around to make it more challenging. This is an outdoor game that would work great for a coed party! Start with an aluminum bucket full of water balloons. Guests need to hold the water balloon between their legs and run from one point to another without breaking their water.

Fly Swat- This is a different version of volleyball that will tickle your funny bone. Divide the group into 2 swat teams. Give them all fly swatters and play volleyball using a balloon.

Water Baseball- This is a fun coed game for a sporty group of friends. It is played just like baseball, but instead of the ball you use a large sponge and a bucket of water or water balloons. Set up a fan section of chairs for any pregnant women at the party so they can cheer everyone on!

Stroller Obstacle Course- Test the new dad's skills on being a new parent! Put together an obstacle course for the new dad to maneuver around and show his skills. Start with a stroller with a baby doll in it. You can also add little tests for him to prove throughout the course. He will be tested on time and how safe he is able to keep the baby doll. How does he compare? Test other seasoned parents to see how good he really is!

Baby Tree- Celebrate the new life of the baby by planting a life in honor of it. Have all the guests participate in planting a tree in honor of the new baby.

Don't Drop Baby- This is a couples game. Fill up lots of water balloons and pass them out to each couple. Each team will toss the water balloons back and forth. The last couple to have their water balloon pop wins a prize.

More Coed Baby Shower Games:

Here are some more ideas to use for coed baby shower games.

Diaper The Baby- Guests take turns being blindfolded and diapering a baby doll. The person with the fastest time wins


Tennis Ball Trouble- This is a great coed baby shower game. It takes parenthood and working together to a whole new level!

Divide the guests into pairs. Give each pair a tennis ball and instruct them to put it in-between their forehead. Then the hostess will give simple commands for everyone to follow. They must complete the command without letting the tennis ball drop.

You can have them jump, turn to the left or right, take a certain amount of steps, etc. The couple that can keep a hold of the tennis ball the longest without dropping will win a prize.

Ball Racing- Break everyone into teams of 2. Hand each team a ball and give them the choice of putting it between their backs, shoulders or ears. Have them race each other. The team that can make it the furthest without dropping the ball wins.

Pregnant Twister- Play twister. Everyone who is not pregnant must wear a pillow with a fanny pack that has weights in them. The pregnant people do not need to put anything else on. Everyone will have a whole new respect for what the pregnant people go through!

Practice Feeding- How good are your feeding skills? Team up players in teams of 2. This game can be played with any type of food that comes prepackaged or bottled. Applesauce or pudding would be good foods to use.

Players will be blindfolded and instructed to feed each other. It is very funny to watch. The team that gets done with feeding their partner first wins.

It would be a good idea to have garbage bags to place on each player so they do not ruin their clothing. Play this game on a plastic tarp or some kind of floor protection covering.

Make sure to keep a camera or video recorder handy for the excitement!

Watch a coed party in which this game was played!

It is hard to see in the video, but the players with the spoons are blindfolded!

I hope you have found the perfect selection of coed baby shower games for your upcoming celebration.

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