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Create A Craft Business... Successfully

Looking for a way to earn money from home?
A Craft Business Might Be Your Solution.

After receiving lots of emails from people interested in selling baby shower crafts to earn a part or full time income from home, I have created this section as a resource, for your success.

To start out, you will need to decide how and where you would like to sell your products.

Crafts Locally

If you would like to start your craft business on a local level, here are some ideas to get you started:

Your Own Store- A storefront is a very costly way to start up a business. Do your numbers before jumping into it. Without good traffic you might end up in more debt than you bargained for.

I recommend starting a website first, although it is up to you. Online you can sell your crafts to people all over the world, without needing to stock up on the entire inventory you would need for a physical store.

Selling Online

#1. EBAY- There are other online marketplaces to sell, but none compare to the traffic of eBay. Ebay is the perfect place to start up a craft business and "test" selling your crafts in front of a large audience for low start up. The auction fees are relatively low, so it is a great place to see how popular an item is.

Ebay is one of my favorite places to buy things, and most sellers are stay at home moms earning an income on the side. There are things about Ebay you must learn to be profitable, and if you are not careful you can end up spending a lot more time than it is worth.

If you would like to learn how to be successful on eBay, or even learn how to win the bids at the lowest price possible (I learned the secret from this e-book), I highly recommend you download a copy of Make Your Net Auction Sell.

#2. YOUR OWN WEBSITE- A website is the best way to get your products out to people without paying the overhead of a storefront. You can pick up a domain for really cheap, but most don't come with any help on running the site or how to get traffic. Without traffic, your website is useless.

The best website package that I have found in Site Build It. It is what I use, and I have been very successful using it. You can read my story of how I started here.

If you would like to start a website and want to know a little more on how to do it successfully, you can download a free copy of "Make Your Site Sell."

#3. CRAIGSLIST- This is a "free" selling site. There is a different craigslist website for each state and most large cities. You post listings and people can contact you if they are interested. It is kind of like an online yard sale. But the mentality of most of the users is to get that "deal" so don't be expecting people to pay top dollar for your items there. There is lots of good traffic there.

I hope this information helps you as you start your own craft business or dabble a little in selling crafts.

Good Luck!

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