Crib Baby Shower Cake

by Rebecca G.
(Queen Creek AZ US)

crib baby shower cake

crib baby shower cake

crib baby shower cake
crib baby shower cake

Rebecca just shared an adorable crib baby shower cake she made for her grandchild. I love how she created the crib around the cake. So cute! The paint stirring sticks turned out to be the perfect size for the frame...and good thinking on the nontoxic paint! Thank you so much for sharing your adorable crib cake with us Rebecca! Beautiful job!

Rebecca's Instructions for Her Baby Shower Cake:
I made this crib cake for my 11th grandchild's baby shower/celebration. I began by baking a half sheet of strawberry cake and a half sheet of vanilla cake. After which I cut both in half then stacked alternating between flavors. Each layer was filled with strawberry mousse. Then all was topped with buttercream after that was complete. I made blue and yellow fondant and used it to make ruffles around the edges of the cake. Then I cut squares and alternated them to give the effect of a quilt.

Then I made a frame for the crib out of 5 gallon paint stirrers that I bought at a local hardware store for .28 cents apiece. I also purchased craft sticks and used them for the bars of the crib. All was painted with gel food color mixed with vanilla so nothing toxic would touch the cake. The frame was held together with hot glue and attached on 3 sides then placed around the cake then the 4th side was put in place and held together with floral wire to make it easy to remove when it was time to cut the cake. I then purchased small toys and placed them around the cake. The wrist rattles also hid the wire from the one area in the frame. To complete the look I made a fondant blanket to cover baby.

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Apr 11, 2012
by: Alisha

This is the cutest cake I have ever seen! It is absolutely adorable. I love how you used paint stirrers and craft sticks to make the crib rails. It is such a unique idea and you know what?! I think I might be able to do something like this! I am just a beginner when it comes to working with fondant, but if I make the cake and set the rails around it...all I would need to do is make the blanket out of fondant and use a doll like you did. Thank you for the idea. It is GREAT!

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