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Step By Step Diaper Cake Instructions

With Our Diaper Cake Instructions, It's Easy To Make Your Own

mod mom pink and brown diaper cake

Diaper cakes are terrific gifts that have emerged as "the" gift for baby showers. They're creative and fun, perfect as centerpieces, and thoughtful presents that the mom-to-be will love. Each diaper cake, no matter if simple or elaborate, will surely possess the "ingredients" that any mom will need. The most essential being: diapers!

So, how does one make this sweet, tiered bundle of fun? It's simple really and as said, can be made according to your budget, theme, and artistic whim. In the end, your masterpiece will be from the heart and your guest of honor will recognize it as such.

For our diaper cake instructions below, we're keeping it classic, with flowers being the thematic and artistic touch.

What you'll need to make a three-tiered diaper cake:

Diaper Cake Instructions

So, you have all your ingredients. Now comes time to "make" the cake.

1. Roll the individual diapers. Starting from the outside tip of the diaper, roll inward.

rolling diaper for diaper cake

Once in a tight roll, secure it with a clear rubber band. Repeat this for all diapers. rolled diaper with rubberband for making diaper cake

2. To start the bottom tier, place a bottle in the center of the cake round/platter. Take a large rubber band and slide it around the bottle. Then, take the rolled diapers, one by one, and insert them inside the rubber band. The rubber band will keep the diapers in place as you build the ring. Slide diapers around the bottle until they meet. The first ring will take about 7-8 diapers.

baby bottle with 1st row of diapers around it for diaper cake

3. The bottom layer will have a total of 3 rings around the center. Add a rubber band and continue sliding diapers to make the final 2 rings for this layer.

diaper cake with 3 rows of diapers around it

4. The second layer will build upon the bottom layer. Add a rubber band around the top of the bottle and fill with diapers. This will connect and stabilize the diaper cake.

second tier of diaper cake started

The second layer will have a total of 2 rings around the bottle. This is how it will look once you complete the bottom 2 layers.

2nd tier of diaper cake finished

5. There will be a space above the top of the bottle once you complete the second tier. Insert a second bottle inside of Tier 2. This will leave half the bottle left to cover.

The top tier will go around the bottle. There will only be one ring of diapers on the top tier.

all 3 tiers of diaper cake complete

Now For The Fun Part...Let's Decorate!

finished and decorated diaper cake

For our cake, we're staying classic with beautiful flowers. You can also use fun baby items and toys to decorate the outside (or inside of the cake).

Diaper Cake Instructions for the Cake Above

  1. Wrap pretty ribbon around each tier to cover the rubber bands. Use double-sided tape to secure the ends.
  2. Insert the smaller flowers into the center of each diaper top. This will create a lovely border.
  3. To make a bouquet of flowers on the top, remove the top of the baby bottle. Arrange silk flowers as a bouquet inside the open baby bottle. Attach matching curling ribbon on toothpicks to add some fullness to the bouquet. And voila, you're done!

You'll see. Once you start on your diaper cake, it'll become clear as to why they are so popular. It is such a fun way to give useful baby items to a mom-to-be.

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