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Free Diaper Cake Poems

Take a look at these great diaper cake poems written by some talented poets. They can give your diaper cakes a nice personal touch.

A great poem can add an extra special touch to any diaper cake. Give a fun experience to a new mommy to be by giving a creative poem with your gift.

***NOTE*** You are free to use these for your diaper cake gifts, just be sure to keep the author's name attached to the poem.

~ A poem without an author is an author lost forever. ~

Diaper Cake Poems:

Baby cakes are so much fun,
they're sure to delight a new mom.
Filled with things from A to Z,
So many things a baby needs.
Diapers, toys, powders, and pins,
Wonderful times will soon begin!
© Laura Kaye

This is a special cake.
But careful please don't eat.
It's made with things for baby,
as a different kind of treat!

It doesn't have that gooey
Icing on the top.
I made it without worry,
that it would be a flop.

I believe it is much better,
than that sticky fattening kind.
Because it's made with pampers,
for the baby's sweet behind!
© Jennifer Byerly

Here is a cake for your special day,
because the stork is on her way.
It's filled with lots of things for you,
on the outside, and inside too.
Place them in your diaper bag,
so all the necessities you will have.
For the big day soon will come,
when you can show off your little one!
© Laura Kaye

I made this lovely cake for you!
It looks to be quite tasty!
It isn't meant for eating,
so please don't be too hasty!

You take the time to look,
Real closely you will find.
That it is made from diapers,
that will cover a behind!
For now it just looks pretty,
but when the baby's due,
You'll find that it will come apart
And be quite useful, too!
© Kelli Williams

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