Do Not Have Room For Tables

How will guests be seated? I a serving lunch (buffet style), but don't have any room for tables.

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Thank you for your question. I'm not sure if you mean tables to serve the food on or tables for your guests to sit at. If it is the serving tables that you do not have, you can open your kitchen up and use the countertops to display the food. You can also check with some neighbors and friends to see if they have a small card table you could use.

If you are serving the food buffet style and do not have room for tables for your guests to sit at, just make sure that you have enough chairs for everyone to sit on and sturdy plates for them to use. You will not need to use tables as long as you do not use any food that will require the use of a knife.

I hope that answers your questions. Good Luck planning the baby shower!

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My baby shower
by: Melanie

My baby shower was held at my sister-in-law's tiny apartment. There definitely was not much extra space in there but we did what we could and everyone was fairly comfortable at the party. We made sure there was plenty of seating available. Guests sat on couches and fold up chairs that we had gathered from neighbors. We used their small kitchen table and counters to serve the food.

I think it is all about how you present it. We didn't have the space or the means for anything fancy, so we served a light lunch and guests ate off of their paper plates. It all worked out just fine. So don't worry. Do what you can and it will all work out.

Look at your space
by: Natalie

It is important to make sure your guests are comfortable, so please do not make them eat standing up! Look at the space you are using and ask yourself how you can make your guests as comfortable as possible. If necessary, borrow some tables or open up the eating area into a backyard or somewhere that they can sit comfortably and eat. I agree with what was said above. If the guests need to use knives, they need to be sitting at a table. So if you have room for chairs but do not have room for tables, serve light finger foods and sturdy thick plates. If you are squishing your guests in a space like a sardine can, you might want to rethink your location to one that will be accommodate the amount of people and kind of food you are serving.

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