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The Duck Baby Shower Theme

rubber ducky

The duck baby shower theme is so much fun to use as a baby shower. I love the happy, bright colors used with this theme.

Invitation Ideas:

Take yellow poster board and cut out duck shapes. Decorate with feathers or glitter if you would like to.

For a quacking good time, waddle down to (hostess's name) nest where 2 birds of a feather (dad and mom's name) will be celebrating the birth of their little duckling! (name if there is one yet)

If you are hand delivering these invitations, you can get more creative by adding candy corn for the beak and chocolate chips for the eyes. Attach with double sided tape to make it safe for wandering little fingers and mouths!

Duck Baby Shower Theme Invitations:

Duck Baby Shower Theme Activities:

Hooded Towels-Take one or two white hooded bath towels and decorative ribbon, wiggly eyes, orange beak material, fabric paints and markers. If you are handy with a sewing machine or know someone who is, you can have the towels ready to give to the mom by the end of the shower. Guests can take turns decorating and signing the towel.

Soap carving- Give each guest a bar of soap and dull utensil. Instruct them that they need to shape a baby out of the soap. Guests vote on the best one!

Duck Baby Shower Theme Games:

Make Ducky Music- you will need some kazoos and a list of songs (can be baby songs or favorite songs)

It is the same idea as name that tune, although I think this is much more fun! Pass the kazoo and first song to the first person in the circle. They need to sing the tune through the kazoo. The person that guesses the song picks out of a basket and has to do whatever it says in there. You can have them give how they know the mother to be, make them do something silly, give some baby advice, or create whatever you would like them to do.

Then the first person would pass it to the next person and continue with the game. By the end of this game, people are usually giggly and ready for comfortable introductions. (If you are squeamish about germs, buy more kazoos for the group or have wet wipes handy to wipe the kazoo down in-between uses.)

You can add a little fun to the introductions by having them blow on the kazoo before telling who they are and how they know the pregnant mommy.

Don't break the water! This is an outdoor game that would work great for a coed party! Start with an aluminum bucket full of water balloons. Guests need to hold the water balloon between their legs and run from one point to another without breaking their water.

Duck Theme Decorations:

Think bath accessories! Decorate with shower curtains, tons of rubber ducks, different kinds of tubs- aluminum, white tubs, and baby baths.

The best place to get rubber duckies to match almost any theme imaginable is the duck depot.

Tape blue balloons all over the walls and floor to make bubbles. Use clear plastic balls as bubbles.

There are also decoration crystals that you can get at a craft store. You add water and blue dye and it forms gelatin like crystals.

Yellow, white and blue colors are great to decorate with.

Duck Theme Food:

Anything yellow or duck like will work perfectly for your food. Quackers, lemonade, Egg salad, lemon tarts or pastries, lemon water, chicken tortilla soup or chicken rolls. You can also take duck cookie cutters and cut your food to look like ducks.

Duck Baby Shower Theme Centerpiece:

A diaper cake or towel cake would be a perfect centerpiece for this type of theme. You can also use fresh flowers like daisies or sunflowers.

Favors or Prizes:

Bubbles, rubber ducky, ducky soaps, bottled water, duck cookie cutters, and sponges cut in the shape of a duck.

Duck Baby Shower Theme Supplies:

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