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How to Make an Edible Fruit Bouquet
a Beautiful Mouthwatering Centerpiece for Your Party

edible fruit bouquet

Looking for a sweet way to dress up a table? An beautiful edible fruit bouquet arrangement can be both inexpensive and easy to create. Make it for an upcoming baby shower, an evening with friends, girl get together or as a special gift to let someone know you care.

How easy is it? I've created a step by step tutorial to help you create the perfect touch for your party. All you need is a few ingredients, supplies and a couple of hours and you can have a masterpiece! Let's get started...

fruit and supplies to make edible bouquet

Fruits to Use in Your Edible Arrangement:

Other Supplies Needed To Make Your Edible Bouquet:

Step By Step Photos to Create the Edible Fruit Bouquet
green floral foam cut into container

Cut your floral foam to fit inside the container.

covered green floral foam

Next, cover the foam with aluminum foil. This will keep the fruit clean and ready to eat. :-)

Alternatives to the floral foam:

could also use cabbage, iceberg lettuce or play dough.

white basket base for the edible fruit bouquet

Here is the basket I used for my fruit bouquet.

Half of your time will be spent getting your fruit ready. Be sure to use fruit that is at the peak of freshness so that it stays in good shape for your party. Have everything fully prepped before you start arranging to make it easy on yourself. :)

Grape Skewers
grapes threaded on skewers for fruit bouquet

Wash your grapes and thread them onto your skewers. Depending on the size of your bouquet, you might have 5-7 skewers.

watermelon baller

Use a melon baller to scoop out ball shapes from your watermelon.

Pineapple Flowers:
cut pinneaple in slices

Cut your pineapple in slices. Make each slice approximately the depth of your flower cookie cutters. Cut them approximately 3/4 to an inch thick.

use flower cookie cutters to cut pinneaple

Cut out your flowers.

pinneaple flower on a skewer cut pinneaple skewers

Push the skewer through the center core of the pineapple so it has something solid to hold onto. Leave just enough of the point out so that you can slip the watermelon ball on top without poking through the ball.

Edible Fruit Bouquet Tip: My pineapple was a little over ripe so it was hard to cut through without the shreds. Use a paring knife around your cookie cutter before pushing through to get the cleanest cuts.

Strawberry Skewers
strawberry skewers

Wash strawberries and cut off the green stems. Push end of skewer through center of strawberry, being careful not to push it through the end.

Cantaloupe and Honeydew Spears:

Cut honeydew melon or cantaloupe in half and clean out the seeds.

cutting honeydew spears for fruit bouquet

Use a crinkle potato slicer to cut slices off. Hold the melon at an angle as you cut.

cutting cantaloupe spears for fruit bouquet cut skin off back of cantaloupe

Using a paring knife, remove the outside skin from the melon. Cut each moon shaped melon in the middle so you have 2 separate spears. Push skewer through the middle of each spear, being careful not to push through.

Watermelon Shapes:

Cut slices of your watermelon in the thickness of your cookie cutters. You can use all kinds of fun cookie cutter shapes. I used a heart and flower shape in mine.

cut watermelon with cookie cutter shapes

Push the cookie cutters through and add the skewers.

heart and flower watermelon shapes

Phew! Your half way there. The fun is ready to begin! Now let's make your masterpiece. ;)

Putting Your Edible Flower Bouquet Together:

Start arranging your fruit in the container. I used odd numbers when I put mine in and used different heights to make it aesthetic. Use sturdy kitchen scissors or shears to cut the skewers to the right lengths.

placing skewers into fruit bouquet

More Tips For Your Edible Flower Bouquet:

Have fun! I would LOVE to see your pictures on how your edible fruit bouquet turns out!

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