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Hi, A coworker threw me a shower at work and I want to send either an email as a thank you note or an e-card. (This was how the shower invite was sent out.) Is it ok to send a personalized thank you note via email or e-card? Thanks!

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Thank you for your etiquette question. The absolute "best" way to say thank you is with a personalized thank you note that you can give them. I know it is a lot quicker to type up an email or send an ecard to your guests, but the way etiquette rules currently stand, it might not be the best way to communicate your thanks to them. Nothing says thank you better to your guests than a thoughtful, handwritten note.

I'm sure that people do send emails as thank you cards, but it is not commonplace. I have been to a large amount of baby showers and have never received a thank you ecard or email. The most common compliant I hear about emails is how impersonal they are.

It is of course, your choice on how you thank your guests. An email or ecard is better than sending nothing, but it will be hard to know what your guests reactions will be to it. Most probably will be fine, but you might get some complaints.

Best Of Luck!

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Make sure it is personal and heartfelt
by: Virginia

I can see how a heartfelt thank you email could work for a work party where everyone pitched in for a group gift. I think the "key" here is that the email was heartfelt and genuine.

I can't really give too much of an opinion on that because most of the baby showers I have attended have not been for co-workers. But I can tell you what a huge difference a true "heartfelt" thank you note can make. Not the generic Thank you for coming to my baby shower, but "Thank you so for the beautiful baby blanket. You always pick the cutest things! It is simply precious. I am so excited to cuddle the my little baby girl when she comes. Thank you so much for coming to the baby shower. It was so great to see you again!"

The person attending just wants to know that their gift is appreciated and that the time they spent picking it out was well spent. The extra 5-10 minutes it takes to create a genuine thank you note can make a big difference, whether it is hand written or by email. But if I could choose between them...I would choose the handwritten card.

A thank you email is fine
by: Anonymous

We often hold bridal showers and baby showers at work. We send out a card to be signed, along with an envelope where co-workers may donate some money toward a collective gift(s). Donations range from $2 to $10; $20 at most (rarely). I have planned, received, as well as just been a guest at these showers. Never have written thank you cards been used; heartfelt thank you emails are completely accepted.

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