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A Fun Foot Trivia

blue baby footprints

We've created a fun foot trivia quiz to use for your baby shower or girls get together.

Think you know your feet?

This "All Things Foot" Quiz will help you get to know them a lot better!

Ranging in an assortment of questions to do with feet, these fun trivia questions will entertain everyone!

Foot Trivia Questions

1. How many steps does the average toddler take in a minute?

A.1,000 steps
B.176 steps
C.500 steps
D.250 steps

2. Which Greek hero was a tendon in the foot was named after?

A. Napoleon Dynamite
B. Achilles
C. Odysseus
D. Hercules

3. Your feet have over _________ sweat glands are in it.

A. 1,000
B. 50
C. 250,000
D. 10,000

4. Bigfoot is also known as...

A. Sasquatch
B. Yeti
C. Chiye-tanka
D. Yowie
F. All of the above

5. How many muscles are needed to make your foot move?

A. 5
B. 35
C. 20
D. 116

6. What is the average amount of sweat your feet will release in a day?

A. 1 cup
B. 1 gallon
C. 1 teaspoon
D. 1/4 cup

7. Tight pantyhose can cause foot problems.

A. True
B. False

8. There are more than_______ ligaments in each foot.

A. 25
B. 1,000
C. 5
D. 100

9. The average person will walk enough to circle the planet how many times in their lifetime?

A. 16
B. 4
C. 1
D. 10

10. What is the cause of most foot problems?

A. Stress
B. Salt
C. Chocolate
D. Shoes that do not fit correctly.
E. Walking

11. Back pain can be caused by

A. The thought of work
B. Telepathy
C. A blister on the foot
D. A toe ring

12. When is the best time of day to try on shoes?

A. The earlier the better
B. Late in the afternoon
C. Right after you eat
D. Right before bedtime

13. What time of day is the best for clipping your toenails?

A. After morning errands
B. After a shower
C. After you are relaxed
D. After you have eaten

14. A callus is...

A. A wart
B. A fungus
C. Thickened skin on the foot
D. Contagious

15. How many bones are in your foot?

A. 15 bones
B. 106 bones
C. 26 bones
D. 425 bones

16. You can get a wart by...

A. Touching someone else's wart
B. Someone sneezing on you
C. Borrowing a pencil

17. Why is it better to be barefoot than to wear shoes?

A. It toughens out your feet
B. It just feels better!
C. It balances out the muscles

18. In a day, the average woman takes enough steps to walk?

A. At least 50 miles
B. 10 miles
C. 1 miles
D. 1/2 mile

19. Which is the best way to cut your toe nails to prevent in-grown nails?

A. Straight across
B. Cutting it at a curve following your toe shape
C. As short as possible

20. How many miles does an average person walk in a lifetime?

A. 1 million
B. 115,000 miles
C. 4 miles
D. 500 miles

All Things Foot Trivia Answers:

1. B. 176 steps, 2. B. Achilles, 3. C. 250,000, 4. F. All of the above. (These are all names that people use for Big Foot from around the world.), 5. C 20, 6. A 1 cup, 7. A. True. (Tight pantyhose pull the toes upwards, putting stress on the feet.), 8. D 100, 9. B 4 times, 10. D. Shoes that don't fit properly, 11. B. A blister on the foot, 12. B. Late in the afternoon, 13. B. After a shower, 14. C. Thickened skin on the foot, 15. C. 26 bones, 16. A. Touching someone else's wart, 17. C. It balances out the muscles, 18. B 10 miles, 19. A. Straight across, 20. F. A, B and E. ( Tight shoes and silky socks are not good for smelly feet.)

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