Game Prizes For A Baby Shower

When playing games at the party, who receives the prize for winning the game? Is it the mother-to-be or the guest?

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This can be a little confusing for people and I have seen it done incorrectly a few times. The prizes for the games at are for the guests. The prizes should be items the guests would want to receive. In other words, don't give out baby bottles (something the mom to be would want or need) as a prize to the guests. Give them something they would like to receive. Some examples could be candy bars or chocolate, lotion, lip gloss, nail polish or hair products.

If you would like to give the mom some baby can set up the actual games using baby items that can later be given to the mom to be at the end of the shower. Some game ideas that include baby products would be the price is right, baby bottle bowling, baby product memorization, and brown bag item guessing.

I hope that helps!

Good luck with planning the baby shower!

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How about gift cards?
by: Anonymous

I went to a baby shower recently where they had $5 gift cards as prizes. They had gift cards to local theaters and restaurants and some for manicures and pedicures. The most popular was the Starbucks gift cards. lol! The competition was definitely kicked up a notch when people realized what the prizes were. I thought it was a great idea. Everyone was all smiles when they won! Love it.

This is what I do
by: Jennifer

When I throw baby showers; I like to give homemade goodies to the guests as prizes. I make my famous caramel fudge, brownies or a cookie recipe and wrap it up with cellophane and a pretty ribbon. I display it in a basket. It turns out to be a beautiful baby shower decoration. Throughout the baby shower, I pass the basket around for guests to pick out their favorite treat as prizes. By then end of the shower, I always make sure that everyone has had a turn to pick something from the basket. It is so fun to see how excited everyone is to get their prize. It is always a big hit!

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