Gender Neutral Baby Shower Ideas

by Keisha

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What kind of decorations and things can I do at this baby shower to make it one of a kind?

Our Answer:

Thanks for your party theme question.

Start your party planning by choosing a baby shower theme. Since it is a "gender neutral" shower, you can focus your theme on the mom or use a variety of gender friendly themes.

Some examples of themes you can use are: a star is born, sweet pea, baby pooh and friends, Noah's ark, ducky theme, baby prints, baby carriage, mod mom, spa party, baby clothes, and precious moments.

After choosing your main theme, half the battle is over. There are lots of great table supplies available to match these themes, and fun games to compliment them.

If you are looking for the "WOW" factor, I suggest making a baby shower centerpiece from our centerpiece section. These baby crafts are both beautiful and create lots of talk at a shower.

Depending on what mood you are trying to create, tulle, candles and Christmas lights do wonders on creating a soft, beautiful and relaxing party.

The final effect that helps to create a unique baby shower is the favors that you use. You can create useful and fun favors to say thank you to your guests without spending lots of money to do it.

If you decide on a specific theme and can give me some more background info of where the shower is being held, the amount of people and general interests of your party guests, I would be happy to help with more specific ideas.

Good Luck planning your shower!

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Jul 27, 2011
Gender Neutral Shower
by: Anonymous

I am in the process now of planning a shower for my daughter's first child. My 'theme' is simply pink & blue. All of my decorations are pink and blue and I'm asking everyone to wear pink or blue, depending on what they think the baby will be. I think this will make for some fun pictures too. We are going to do the same as the last comment as far as everyone will find out the gender of the baby when the cake is cut. As the guests arrive and mill around, I will have 2 jars on a table - one with a blue ribbon and one with pink. They are supposed to put their name in the jar that corresponds with their guess and we are going to draw a winner from the winning gender jar for a small gift related to baby pocket hand sanitizer. I bought inexpensive pink and blue Onsies that I'm going to hang on a ribbon clothes line. The plates, cups and napkins are also pink and blue.

Jun 19, 2011
Announcing Gender at Party
by: Anonymous

This is in response to the post above me (from 2009) I know that the posting is from about 2yrs ago, however, I'm sure there are others who have the same question. I am NOT pregnant YET, however I plan on revealing the gender at the Baby Shower!

This is how:
-When the doctor is able to determine, have him or her write the gender on a piece of paper and seal it up. Immediately take the envelope to a baker (who can do this) and have the baker bake a cake (for the shower) and have the INSIDE of the cake dyed pink (girl) or blue (boy) and have the outside of the cake decorated gender neutral.

Then at the party, and even as one of the games, have people guess what gender, and everyone finds out when The Cake Is Cut Into! Special surprise for Mommy, Daddy, Family and Friends all at once!

Nov 18, 2009
Creative Games To Announce The Baby Gender
by: Em

I want to have a gender neutral baby shower but I would like to reveal the gender of the baby AT the shower. I've been looking for creative games/ideas on how to do this. I haven't found many I like or that would work for what I want to do. Any ideas would be appreciated!!

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