Ghost Baby Shower

by Joann
(The United States)

My niece, because of medical reasons, may not be able to travel out of state for the baby shower that we are planning but we'd like to go ahead anyway.

I thought that it used to be referred to as a "ghost shower", would appreciate any help.

Our Answer:

Hi Joann,

A ghost baby shower is a baby shower in which the mom to be cannot attend. It is a lot like a long distance baby shower. It is held when the mom to be lives far away from the baby shower guests and cannot attend the party.

I have some tips for hosting one on my long distance baby shower page.

It goes over the main ideas for hosting a baby shower without her and some ways you might want to handle it. You will need to let the guests know about her not being able to attend so they
know what to expect.

We also have a baby shower in a box from afar party that one of our readers sent in. There are great tips and ideas shared on that page from how her baby shower was thrown.

Good luck planning the baby shower!

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Mar 03, 2012
My Mother-In-Law Gave Me A Care Package Baby Shower
by: Kate

My mother-in-law-threw me a baby shower like this one when I had my son. We had moved across the country for my husband's work and all of my friends and family were back east. She called it a "care package" baby shower. They got together and packaged their gifts into a care package to send to me. I got lovely cards, gift cards and boxes of gifts. Some of them even purchased gifts for me online and sent it straight to my house to save on shipping.

They actually kept the party a secret from me, but told my husband. You should have seen the look on my face when he brought everything in, along with a cake and balloons for me to celebrate!

I cried as I opened all of the packages because it meant that they still loved and cared about me, even though I lived far away. They included pictures and a dvd of the packing party, and even made a baby scrapbook for me to put pictures in for the first year of my son's life. It was wonderful. I am so grateful they have baby showers like this for those of us who are far away from our family and friends.

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